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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 322

One Person/One Vote Initiative

Many Americans believe that we live in a democracy and the presidential candidate with the most votes wins. This is not unfortunately an accurate understanding about how votes are counted for presidential elections. The confusion is completely understandable, because all other state and national candidates and state and local initiatives on the same ballot and are counted by direct, popular vote. 

The format used to elect a president is indirect and is often referred to as the winner-take-all model. That is, the candidate who wins a majority of votes in almost every state in the Union is given the state’s electoral college votes, while votes cast for the losing candidate are cancelled in 48 states. [1

There are problems with the indirect approach to determining which presidential candidate wins the national election. For example, two presidents in the last six election cycles (2000, and 2016) and two other election cycles in our country’s history were elected president, without winning the popular vote. When this occurs, people are often left wondering why in a Democracy their votes do not.

Another problem relates to how presidential candidates prioritize their campaign schedules. They are forced to think about winning states, rather than winning votes from voters across the country, which means that candidates focus on key states that are crucial to them for winning the presidency. Everyone should have the opportunity to hear what the Candidates have in mind for their states. Furthermore, the indirect approach can result in presidential elections that are typically decided by a few thousand votes in a small number of states. Our current system hurts Republicans and Democrats alike. [2

Thankfully, an initiative, the National Popular Vote interstate contract (NPVIC) offers a path to changing the way presidential election votes are counted. The NPVIC is an interstate compact (agreement) to award their states’ presidential electors to the candidate who receives the most votes nationwide. But it only goes into effect when enough states with a combined 270 electoral votes have joined the compact. Sixteen states and the District of 

Columbia have joined the compact (Republican and Democratic] and have jointly contributed 205 electoral votes, with Minnesota having most recently joined the compact. [3] Michigan Can Be Next!


Michigan has begun the process of ratifying the National Popular Vote legislation and already passed HB4156 earlier in June. The legislation now goes to the full state House for a floor vote. Urge your representatives to vote for HB4156, before they go on recess at the end of June. Let’s support our democracy and contribute Michigan’s 15 electoral votes to the interstate compact.  

Live from Ukraine – Zoomcast on Sunday, June 25 at 4:30

Conversations! Host Chuck Newman will interview Olena Novytska live from Kiev about her experiences, as well as those of her fellow Ukrainians. We may also be joined by a resident of Zaporizhzhya, a city currently under heavy bombardment.

Co-hosting the event is Lenard Kirsch, who brings a wealth of experience from his extensive business dealings in Ukraine. He will be offering his insights on the evolving living conditions in the country.

Join us on Conversations at 4:30 PM ET on Sunday, June 25 for an unforgettable dialogue. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing further information about how to join the interview.

After the show, consider joining the rally so we can give Trump the reception he deserves as he gets his “Man of the decade award” from the Oakland County Republican Party.

Register in Advance Here.

Help Wanted!!

One of our dedicated, long-serving newsletter team members is leaving us later this month to more fully enjoy his retirement. One of his primary commitments was to search for and update events on our website. If you have 2-3 hours to spare per week, we will teach you the ropes! Please reply to to express interest.

Sunday, June 25. Rally against Trump in Novi

Trump will be in Novi to be awarded a “Man of the Decade” award from the Oakland County Republican Party. Please show up to make it clear that this just won’t fly.

We will be lining the sidewalk in front of the Suburban Collection in a peaceful show of force against MAGA extremism. We will have captains on hand to direct folks on where to park and stand. Bring your homemade signs!

Wednesday, June 28. Status on Gelman Issue

Join Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI-06) for a Community Update Forum on the Gelman Dioxane Plume issue. Held at the Learning Resource Center, 4135 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor. 5:30–7 pm

Visit the PEG Events Page for all upcoming events at!

What Happened to the LGBTQ+ Flag in Hamtramck??

What Happened to the LGBTQ+ Flag in Hamtramck??

As communities throughout the country are celebrating Pride Month (June) and demonstrating their support of the LGBTQ+ community, the city council of Hamtramck last week voted to permanently ban the display of Pride flags on public property. Not limited to the LGBTQ+ community, the controversial resolution restricts the city from flying any “religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexual orientation group flags” on public grounds, according to meeting minutes. There are no restriction on displaying flags on private property.

In the resolution, Hamtramck is described as “one of the most diverse cities in the United States.” The resolution stipulates that along with the American flag, the city also flies flags “that represent the international character” of the area. It says that “each religious, ethnic, racial, political, or sexually oriented group is already represented by the country it belongs to.” The city has a large immigrant presence and all the city council members are of the Muslim faith. Hamtramck was also the first known city in the US to inaugurate an all-Muslim government (-CNN).

In response, executives of numerous neighboring areas, such Detroit, Oakland County and Hazel Park, extended a “welcome” to the LGBTQ+ community. (-MI Advance.) According to WXYZ News, the LGBTQ+ community is planning a rally in Hamtramck on Saturday. One of the leaders indicated this is an effort “to kick off Pride 365, we’re intending for a year of civil disobedience, protest, community engagement, and mutual aid here in Hamtramck.”

Good News

Michigan – The Anti Florida (Free Stickers!)

Michigan has been dubbed the Anti Florida by multiple media outlets and the Attorney General herself so that makes us AntiFLa

Let’s flaunt being the AntiFla with a free sticker. Get yours by emailing with your interest and your address.

Our Planet on Fire – Preventing Catastrophe

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer is fully committed to her 2020 goal of 100% carbon neutrality by the middle of the century in order to save her state the devastating consequences of climate change. Governor Whitmer’s 2023 budget recommendation includes over $500,000,000 for climate issues. According to Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) her budget includes items for “funding for water affordability programs, clean energy infrastructure, contaminated site cleanup, Proposal 2 implementation, replacement of lead drinking water service lines, and more.”

Native American Rights Victory; The Supreme Court leaves Indian Child Welfare Act Intact

On June 15, 2023, by a 7-2 vote, The U.S.Supreme Court upheld key provisions of the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act, a law enacted 45 years ago after decades of past governmental abuse.. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected all challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act including the state of Texas and several families trying to adopt American Indian Children; they contend, it impermissibly (not allowed or permitted) intrudes on state autonomy and “enshrines’ ‘ it as an unconstitutional racial preference.

Known as ICWA, The Indian Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1978 after a congressional investigation found that in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s over one-third of all Native children had been removed from their homes, some forcibly, and placed with non-Indian families and institutions with no ties to the tribes. To ensure that would never happen again, the law established three preferences for the placement of Native children when they are adopted or put in foster care: the first preference is for placement with the child’s extended family, then to other members of the tribe, and if neither of those is available, to members of another tribe. 

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote about the mass historical removal of children from their family homes saying this “one intentionally spearheaded by federal officials with the aid of their state counterparts nearly 150 years ago.

In all its many forms, the dissolution of the Indian family has had devastating effects on children and parents alike. It has also presented an existential threat to the continued vitality of the tribes–something many federal and state officials over the years saw as a feature, not a flaw.”

Writing for the court majority, Justice Amy Coney Barrett pointed to two centuries of precedent that have established a broad congressional right to legislate on Indian affairs, including family law matters. Dissenting Justices include Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

Cartoon of the Week

Lisa Kamil, Richard Gaeth, Bette Cotzin, Bernie Banet, Linda Bennett, Kayla Conrad, Ellen Halter, Leslie McGraw, Leslie Kamil, Mieko Preston, and Chuck Newman for their contributions and help preparing our newsletters.

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