Indivisible Yolo newsletter 6/19/23

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Indivisible Yolo General Meeting 6/26 7pm – don’t miss it!

Mark your calendars and please plan to attend and to engage in our annual election of Steering Committee members.

We’re planning a full agenda, starting with the feedback we received from the Member Survey last month and then we’ll have an update from the Electoral Team on all the planning and networking they’ve been doing to make sure our 2023-24 electoral strategy optimizes our volunteers’ voter outreach efforts to win back the House, expand the Senate majority and retain the White House. Voter registration, canvassing, phone banking, texting… We’ll also have brief updates on the advocacy work underway at the State, Local and Federal level.

Then we will ask all eligible Members to vote on our slate of Steering Committee Members to re-elect Peggy Bernardy and Shaunese Lambel and elect Chris Craig-Veit and Vera Sandronski, all for a one-year term. The vote will be via Zoom, so you will need to be present to vote.

Thanks all!

RSVP now: our Indivisible Yolo Annual General Meeting will be June 26th @ 7pm on Zoom!


Saturday marks the one year anniversary of SCOTUS’ decision overturning Roe undermining abortion rights and access. To mark that anniversary, please call to ask our Senators to co-sponsor the Judiciary Act of 2023: 


Example call script (your own words are best!):
Please don’t appeal to us, the voters, to fix the problem of the MAGA judges destroying the integrity of our Supreme Court. We voted for a fair Court, but our will was denied when both President Obama’s and President Biden’s picks were stolen from them, contributing to an unjust and unrepresentative Court that is wreaking havoc on our democracy and on our basic human rights, including the right to have an abortion.  
I voted for you to represent me – now, not at some point in the future. I am calling on you to co-sponsor the Judiciary Act of 2023, which will rebalance the Court by adding four seats for a Supreme Court of 13: a level commensurate with the expansion of the federal judiciary.

And as long as we are talking about the judicial branch:

Sen. Feinstein and Padilla: BREAK THE BLUE SLIP BLOCKADE

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on which both of our senators serve, are voluntarily giving Republicans a veto over many judicial nominations, using an antiquated procedure called the blue slip. Their vetos are harming Americans, particularly in red states, who are denied access to fair and impartial judges. There is no excuse for letting Republicans continue to block the appointment of fair and impartial judges. Read the details here, then please make this call.

Please call your Senators and say (your own words are best!):
I’m calling to ask the Senator to join with Senators Blumenthal and Hirono by making a public announcement calling for an end to the outdated blue slip practice. This antiquated routine is allowing Republicans to veto vital judicial appointments. Americans in the affected states are suffering for lack of fair and impartial justices. This has to stop. End the anachronistic blue slip procedure now.

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