SPECIAL GUEST: Gigi Sohn, Ya’ll! Former Biden nominee for OUR FCC!

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Please join us for a conversation with one of our Media and Democracy Project heroes – Gigi Sohn. She has an extensive career in fighting as a consumer advocate for broadband access and net neutrality. Ms. Sohn was most recently President Biden’s superlative nominee to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). She was forced to withdraw her candidacy as her nomination was sabotaged by a combination of smear campaigns funded by corporate media lobbyists, dark money, Right Wing media (including Rupert Murdoch), astroturf groups and Republicans using strategic disinformation. We will have a conversation with Ms. Sohn about the harmful and dangerous impacts of dark money on our FCC and democracy.

The format will include a “Q & A” please use this form to submit your questions: http://tiny.cc/question4sohn

Help us fight for a better-informed America and more pro-democracy media.


Sign up to join us Tuesday, June 6 at 7pm ET when Gigi Sohn speaks with the Media and Democracy Project about the importance of the FCC, the future of Net Neutrality and how giant media companies and dark money are undermining your digital future – and what we need to do.
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Help defund Fox propaganda. Urge the advertisers giving the most revenue to Fox to stop advertising on Fox and Fox-owned Tubi. Contact AT&TGM, and Subway, and demand that they stop using a GOP propaganda venue for their advertising. See more here: @WhoAdvertisesOn on Twitter for additional information. 

Want to be a superstar and help us #FixMediaNow? Here is our bi-weekly guide with additional actions you can take.  

Media Accountability Corner:


Combat irresponsible “both sides” media coverageof the reckless Republican extortion of the American economy over the debt ceiling to extract malevolent future budget cuts – at the expense of millions of Americans. How? By writing Letters to the Editor and contacting journalists who continue to “both-sides” irresponsible Republican hostage-taking. 


Praise Our Media and Democracy Hero of the Week: Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat 

Prof. Ben-Ghiat is an Historian and expert on authoritarianism. Her recent and insightful essay centers the importance of Fox as the Republican propaganda arm: https://lucid.substack.com/p/fox-is-a-far-right-disinformation

Media and journalism in the news…
U.S. Press Freedom Index falls to 45th in the World. Reporters Without Borders explains their ranking: “While the mainstream media in the United States generally operate free from government interference, many popular news outlets are owned by a handful of wealthy individuals. In a diverse global media landscape, local news has declined significantly in recent years. A growing interest in partisan media threatens their objectivity, while public confidence in the media has fallen dangerously.”

In The Guardian US Editor Mark Rice-Oxley writes: “What is to be done? Today marks the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom day. It is not a moment to celebrate. The past decade has not been good for media freedom. But if there is a ray of hope, it is this: it has never been easier for all of us to help. To subscribe, contribute, donate or otherwise underwrite the work of reporters and editors who want to tell audiences the truth, to hold power to account, to stand up to oppression and censorship.” We agree!

Subscribe and INVEST in journalism: Use our interactive 50 state local journalism directory!

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6/6 Tuesday 7:00p ETSpecial Event:Media and Democracy Project conversation and Q&A with Gigi SohnSign up HERE

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