Rogan’s List for May 10, 2023

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Declare debt ceiling unconstitutional, dignity for detained immigrants, E. Jean Carroll, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • CENSORING CIVICS“Since 2021, 18 states have passed laws restricting teachings on race and gender. But Texas is the only one nationwide to suppress students’ interactions with elected officials in class projects…Under the 2021 law, student participants in all of those projects now must avoid contact with elected officials.” Let’s make sure our local school boards (look up) don’t push such laws forward, which are designed to keep young voters ignorant about political issues.



The name of the chair of the Senate Judiciary was incorrect in Tuesday’s List and has been updated below. Thanks to our readers for keeping us honest!

Clarence Thomas is facing yet another allegation of corruption, with ProPublica breaking the news that his billionaire benefactor Harlan Crow paid private school tuition for the grand-nephew Thomas raised as his own child… and Thomas never disclosed it. Add to this the questionable financial transactions between conservative sources and Thomas’ wife, Ginny.  This unacceptable behavior cannot be satisfied by one hearing in which no one involved testifies. Let’s call on our senators, especially Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin and Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations chair Richard Blumenthal, to subpoena both Thomas and Crow and hold them to account.

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