SPECIAL Event Reminder: Prof. Bob McChesney 

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Join us as we learn more about how to Fix Media Now!


Join us for a Zoom meeting with one of our heroes! And help us fight for a better-informed America and more pro-democracy media.

ACTION #1Sign up to join us THIS coming Tuesday, May 9 at 7pm ET when thought leader and inspiring Communications Professor Bob McChesney speaks with the Media and Democracy Project and answer questions! Professor McChesney authored “Rich Media Poor Democracy” and 20+ other books. He is an expert on media and democracy issues and we will discuss his proposed solution to the “local journalism crisis” called the Local Journalism Initiative. We will also ask him to discuss the FCC and also about the impacts of Fox and NewsCorp on American media and democracy. 
Sign up here: https://www.mobilize.us/mediademocracyproject/event/557996/

ACTION #2 Help defund Fox propaganda. Refuse to pay more for Fox as part of  #NoFoxFee campaign Use this easy Guide to demand your cable company NOT raise your bill to subsidize Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda channels. Both Common Cause and Media Matters for America are leading on this effort. BONUS: Easily write a Letter-to-the-Editor to your local paper about the harms and hazards of Fox propaganda using the Common Cause website: https://www.commoncause.org/letter-to-the-editor-no-fox-fee/

Want to be a superstar and help us #FixMediaNow? Here is our bi-weekly guide with additional actions you can take.  

Media Accountability Corner:
ACTION #3 Combat irresponsible “both sides” media coverageof the reckless Republican hostage-taking of the American economy over the GOP-inflicted default to extract and extort President Biden so he’ll agree to malevolent budget cuts, at the expense of millions of Americans. How? By writing Letters-to-the-Editor and outreach to media organizations and journalists to hold them accountable with your feedback. Make sure the media reports on the recklessness Republican-responsibility for this brinkmanship. Read Dan Froomkin’s piece calling out the role in media helping normalize and spread Republican disinformation about the #DebtCeiling https://presswatchers.org/2023/04/republicans-threaten-to-tank-economy-media-blames-biden/

ACTION #4 Praise Media and Democracy Hero of the Week:  Michael Hiltzick @hiltzikm 
Rupert Murdoch and Fox exploit weak regulations to make YOU pay for Republican Fox propaganda (if you have cable). Read and share Michael’s L.A.Times piece summarizing the strong-arm and nefarious strategy by News Corp to get ALL cable TV subscribers to subsidize the Republican propaganda Fox channels.  https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2023-04-17/hate-fox-news-too-bad-you-still-have-to-pay-for-

Subscribe and INVEST in journalism: Use our interactive 50 state local journalism directory!

Support your community.
Strengthen our democracy. 
Invest in local journalism.

Upcoming Events

5/9 Tuesday 7:00p ET Our Media and Democracy Project conversation and audience Q&A with Bob McChesney. 

Sign up HERE (Zoom Meeting)

5/15 MONDAY 7:00p ET Our Media and Democracy Project bi-weekly General Meeting – newcomers are always welcome. We will discuss different ways you can help #FixMediaNow

Sign up HERE (Zoom Meeting)

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