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Roosevelt-Kennedy Celebration

Join us April 22 for our Gala Dinner, featuring Governor Katie Hobbs,

Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes & Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes along with Coconino County elected officials. The evening features a silent auction including a signed Shonto Begay giclee, a Maui condo for a week, a 2-night Sedona getaway and MORE!  We’re expecting a sold out event, so buy your tickets today!

Buy your tickets HERE for our Gala Dinner at  on April 22.

$85 per person.

The Coconino County Democratic Party Roosevelt-Kennedy Celebration is our most important fundraiser of the year. This gathering of Democrats, elected officials, candidates, volunteers, organizers, and stakeholders across the state is an opportunity to highlight the work we all do to defend democracy. Each year, the community nominates local people whose service to democracy reflects the powerful words of Eleanor Roosevelt, from her speech at the 1940 Democratic Convention:
“You must know that this is the time when all good men and women give every bit of service and strength to their country that they have to give. This is the time when it is the United States that we fight for, the domestic policies that we have established as a party that we must believe in, that we must carry forward, and in the world we have a position of great responsibility.
We cannot tell from day to day what may come. This is no ordinary time. Not time for weighing anything except what we can do best for the country as a whole, and that responsibility rests on each and every one of us as individuals.”
The recipient of the 2023 Eleanor Roosevelt Award is chosen by the CCDems Executive Committee, and will be announced at the Gala Dinner at Twin Arrows Resort Casino on April 22.
The Chair Award is given at the discretion of the Coconino County Democratic Party Chair, in recognition of outstanding contributions made to further the goals of the Coconino County Democratic Party. Awardees are recognized at the Gala Dinner.

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This Edition’s Blog Post – Start Working on Redistricting Now!

by Sharon Edgar & Laura Huenneke

At our most recent Saturday monthly meeting, Sharon Edgar provided a review of how the 2020-2021 redistricting effort was manipulated years in advance by Republicans to engineer several new “sure” congressional and legislative districts for GOP candidates. She is working with several groups, including some within the Arizona Democratic Party, to consider ways of preparing more effectively for the 2030 census and the subsequent redistricting cycle. On April 22, our State Committee members will be voting on a resolution and a by-laws change (prepared and sponsored by our own Ann Heitland and Donna Hanley, in collaboration with others) that is focused in part on launching this important work now. Read more…

If you’d like to contribute a piece to the CC Dems blog, please contact us.

Vice Chair Elections

Congratulations to our New Vice Chairs!

At the most recent business meeting, April 8, Nancy Branham and Joshua Levar Butler were elected by acclamation to the positions of First Vice Chair and Second Vice Chair, respectively, of our County Party. Both have been serving in these positions as interim officers since early March. Nancy has brought her many connections, enormous enthusiasm, and great sign-making talent to our Party over the past several years. Joshua returns to active leadership in our party, with expertise in communications and graphic design, having provided key outreach efforts in prior years. You can read more about them in their bios here (JoshuaNancy). Congratulations and thank you for your service, Nancy and Joshua!

Coconino Democrats Collaborate with County Elections Department

Elections may take a year off, but the process of planning, improving, and preparing for fair and honest elections is never-ending. Your County Party is assisting the Coconino County Elections Department in several ways. The Department has convened a focus group to review and potentially refine the locations used for in-person voting on Election Day – that is, precinct polling places and vote centers. The vast distances and rural conditions across much of our county, and the pragmatic matters of parking, school and public security, and accessibility, make the provision of functional and convenient polling places a considerable challenge. Laura Huenneke is serving on this focus group, seeking to represent the interests of voters across the county – from Jacob Lake to Winona, and from Page to Williams. Many of you have experienced our polling locations – as poll workers, poll observers, and voters. If you have thoughts about the functionality and security of any of these locations, or other suggestions for improvement, please send your thoughts to Laura here. Thanks for your assistance!

Later this month Arizona’s Secretary of State Adrian Fontes will be touring facilities and meeting with the County Elections Department staff. Our Chair Laura Carter, along with her Republican counterpart, will be part of that review and discussion. Representing your interests to those who administer our elections is part of how we are defending Democracy.

Step Up to Serve

Just as our County Party has been going through a reorganization, with new officers and refreshed committee leadership and membership, our state and local governments are undergoing reorganization. This provides an opportunity for more of our fellow Democrats to take on active roles by serving on boards and commissions. Governor Hobbs has the opportunity to fill numerous appointments on state commissions of various sorts. Professional expertise, in everything from architecture to wildlife management, and personal experiences (from children’s advocate to retiree) are sought for more than 700 openings on state committees and boards.

You can learn more about this form of service to the state, peruse a list of current openings, and learn how to apply at Similar information about city and county board positions can be found at and, respectively.

Searching for a Few Good Social Media Mavens

We truly appreciate those of you who are reading this newsletter, and those who visit our website. But we know that many of our neighbors and fellow voters use other means of staying informed and engaged! Coconino County Democrats are looking to expand our presence and effectiveness across a range of social media platforms – from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and more. If you enjoy using any of these, or if you know someone else who thrives on social media and might have a little time to give, please contact us at . We are all learning more about the most effective messaging and outreach tools, and you can help us spread the word about the issues you are most passionate about and the news that all voters can use.

Upcoming Community Events 

Spring is here and we’re gearing up for festival season!  We’ll have booths throughout the community and plenty of opportunities to register voters, speak with constituents about the issues that impact them, and ultimately continue turning AZ BLUE.  

  • We’ll be at the Earth Day festival on April 22 in Bushmaster Park.  Swing by to show your support, learn about environmental legislation and more!
  • The Tuba City Spring Festival was a great success!  Thank you to our fantastic volunteers who helped made this event happen! (Check out a pic of our booth above)
  • Interested in helping out at a future festival? Contact us here and we’ll be in touch!

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members



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