Rogan’s List for April 13, 2023

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Actions on Senate blue slips, long COVID, solar energy, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • BRINGING SOLAR ENERGY TO OUR COMMUNITIESThere is no doubt that community solar energy is becoming a reality. Under the Biden administration, the U.S. Department of Energy has created a guide for local governments to boost the deployment of solar power in cities, counties, and towns.  Let’s download the guidebook and see what we can do to engage our local government officials.

  • ACCESSIBILITY FOR DISABLED VOTERSVoter suppression is an issue that targets marginalized communities, including people with disabilities. Tactics like signature matching, strict voter ID requirements, broad limits on absentee voting, and restrictions on allowing family members and caregivers to return ballots all have greater impacts on disabled people,  As of late February, state legislators introduced 150 restrictive voting laws, with legislators claiming that these bills fight against voter fraud; something which is incredibly rareLet’s read more about the impact that voter suppression has on people with disabilities. Next, let’s check out legislation that has been introduced in our state, and contact our state legislators to let them know how these bills affect disabled communities. Finally, let’s contact our MoC and ask them to reintroduce the Accessible Voting Act.

  • END TEACHER SHORTAGESRecruiting and retaining a diverse workforce of qualified teachers is hampered by the high costs of college degrees and low pay of the work. The Loan Forgiveness for Educators Act, a bill introduced by Congressional Democrats, will make monthly student loan payments for educators serving preschools and high-need public schools, and wipe out any outstanding debt after five years of service. Let’s tell our Senators to co-sponsor S.963 and our Representatives to co-sponsor H.R.1757.

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