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Working on Climate Change

Indivisible Yolo on Climate Restoration

We have to be honest. There’s not a lot of time, and a lot of changes we have yet to make.

Simply reducing fossil fuel emissions is not enough. We need to start thinking beyond mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate restoration. We can and must restore CO2 to levels that humans have survived long-term. Net-zero is important, but the UN goal of achieving it by 2050 is insufficient.

Then join us Thursday, April 13th 7 PM when the IY Local Climate Action team is working with local climate allies, Yolo Citizens Climate Lobby, Ocean Iron Fertilization Alliance and Cool Davis, to bring author Peter Fiekowksy to Davis.Please register for this free event on Eventbrite now to ensure you’ll have a seat. If you can’t join us in person, please send an email to and we’ll send you the Zoom info when it becomes available.  

What’s up with our Judiciary? 

There’s a lot happening in the judicial system both good and bad.  

Of course, the great news out of Wisconsin is the election of Judge Janet Protasiewicz (5-4) to the Wisconsin Supreme Court: a huge victory for reproductive rights and for democracy reform given the likelihood of a lawsuit to overturn the Republican-drawn legislative map considered among the most gerrymandered in the country. And, the new liberal court majority may prove critically important for the 2024 Presidential election should the legal shenanigans attempted in 2020 resurface. For all you IYers, who on your own, donated, made calls and/or sent texts, we thank you!  

Unfortunately, the rest of the judiciary news this week is awful. The worst is the news out of Texas where the anti-abortion, Trump appointed Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk issued a preliminary ruling that mifepristone, a drug approved by the FDA in 1990, and safely used since then should be taken off the market, making it harder for patients to get abortions throughout the country. 

As we know, when the House flipped to Republican control, any hope of this Congress enshrining Roe into law was lost. There is no current federal pathway to guaranteeing abortion access, so we need to win in 2024! But for now, we need to stop Senate Republicans from using the “blue slip” to block Biden judicial appointees.  

And the US Supreme Court continues to behave shamefully as exhibited by the recent disclosure of Justice Thomas luxury travel funded by Republican mega donor Harlan Crow. Nobody is above the law but apparently some are beyond the reach of ethical standards. It’s time to call our Senators and simply say: 

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is completely corrupted. I’m asking the Senator to call for the Judiciary Committee to investigate him.

The need to reform the court only grows stronger – another action to take is to call on our Senators and President Biden to expand the court by four seats. The White House phone number is 202-456-1111, Tues – Thurs, 11-3 EDT.) At all other times, write to the President:

(or consider using:  

When Indivisible Yolo endorsed Francesca Wright, we endorsed her because she is a proven leader and results-oriented activist with a strong commitment to address racial inequities in Davis and Yolo County.

Ballots will soon be mailed to all residents of District 3.

The campaign is in full swing now; to volunteer 

or donate to “Wright for Davis”, please go to Francesca’s  website at:

If you’d like to join the phone banks Wednesday @ 4PM or Saturday @10 AM, here is the Zoom link: Training will be provided. 

Interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo?

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