Gun Safety Testimony Needed by 3:30pm TODAY

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Thursday, Feb 23rd


There have been over 600 applications to carry a concealed gun in Hawaii since June, when the  Supreme Court decreed  in the Bruen case that Hawaii has to issue concealed carry permits. At least 30 permits have already beenissued without any restrictions as to where guns can be carried!

As I told you in my update, HB984, the Governor’s bill on sensitive places and other important gun safety issues passed the House Judiciary Committee last week. The bill was referred to the House Finance committee which has scheduled a hearing on the bill for this coming Friday, February 24 at 3:30pm. Please submit testimony by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 by 3:30pm asking the Finance Committee to support this bill.

Below is  a short statement you can cut and paste.  Feel free to write your own or just write “I support HB984 HD1” in the text box on the testimony submission form.I have grave concerns about the impact of the Bruen decision on the safety or Hawaii’s residents and visitors.  

Among other important provisions which I strongly support, HB984 addresses two areas of major concern about how our residents and visitors can remain safe. 

It ensures that the licensing procedure  for concealed guns weeds out individuals who would be a threat to others or themselves. It also sets forth a list of sensitive places where firearms cannot be carried that is  comprehensive enough to protect the safety of Hawaii’s residents and visitors.There is, however, one additional provision that would enhance the list of sensitive places.  It involves private property not open to the public.  I support the “default” provision that is currently included in SB1230 that provides that firearms shall not be carried on private property without the express authorization of the owner.  

To submit testimony:

— click on   

-register if necessary or log into your account.  Click on “Submit Testimony” box on left.   The process for submission is very straightforward:

-Provide bill number

-Press continue which brings you directly to the form you must fill out.

-Fill in required fields and indicate whether you support or oppose the bill and  whether you intend to submit written testimony  or appear in person or by zoom 

-If you intend to provide a written statement, you have the option of uploading a file or writing directly on the form. You can cut and paste what I sent or  you or write your own statement    

-Press submit when all fields are completed. You will see your completed form to review and edit if need be.  Check the box indicating you are aware your statement is public info.  

-Press submit again and it should bring you back to the first page where a green box will indicate your testimony has been successfully submitted..


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