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Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri


This was a huge week for Democrats! President Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address before the American people. The president showed determination and strength, and purpose for the future ahead. Republicans agreed with him on several issues, and others showed why they are not fit to be in Congress. The president handled hecklers like Marjorie Taylor Green, who even called the president a “liar” in front of the American people. 

Missouri Legislature Republicans haven’t done better. For more than 20-years, #moleg Republicans have shown they have very little regard considering all Missourians when legislating. This week, Republicans passed House Bill 301 in a 109-35 vote which would make it legal for convicted felons to carry firearms and empower the governor to cease control of violent crime in St. Louis city. According to the, Missouri House Democrats, another provision of the bill would give the governor the authority to appoint a special prosecutor who would have exclusive jurisdiction over most violent crime in St. Louis city. Mayor Tashara Jones urged lawmakers to vote against this bill saying, “Doing so would make it impossible to build the community trust we need to make our city safer.” The bill now advances to the Senate.

The reasons above are why Democrats cannot give up. We have to keep our foot on the gas, and hold Republicans accountable for their actions. Join MDP today, and show up for hard-working Missouri families by building a firm foundation of support to deliver on our promise of democracy. 

House advances special prosecutor plan to address crime in cities like St. Louis

The Missouri House gave first-round approval to a crime prevention bill Wednesday, including a provision that would allow for the appointment of a special prosecutor in areas like St. Louis that exceed a set rate of homicides. Rep. Lane Roberts, R-Joplin, said the crime rate in the state is unacceptable, particularly in St. Louis and other urban areas.

“I’ve been told that I should not be meddling in this community’s business. And I would submit to you and anyone else who wants to listen, I’m not a meddler. I’m not an outsider. I am a Missourian,” Roberts said. The bill is seen by many as a move against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardnerwho has opposed it. During a visit to the Capitol on Wednesday, St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones said Gardner is an elected official and is the one in control of her office. “I know that there are times when she may reach out to the attorney general for help and assistance, just like any other prosecutors across the state do, but I think that’s a little bit heavy-handed,” Jones said of the bill.

Read article on St. Louis Public Radio

President Biden Declares State of Union is Strong!

Tuesday, President Biden declared the State of the Union is Strong! Since the very beginning, the president vowed to: Rebuild the middle class, restore the soul of America and unite the country – bringing Americans together.

In just two years, President Biden and the Democrats have delivered results for the American people to include:

– Lowered insulin costs to $35 per month for seniors

– Lowered gas prices by $1.50 since its peak

– Capped out-of-pocket costs for seniors for their prescription drugs at $2,000 per year

– Lowered energy bills

– Created 12 million jobs

– 800,000 manufacturing jobs created

– The lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years

– Near record low unemployment rate for Black and Hispanic Americans

– Annual inflation down for six months

These are tangible wins for the American people, but as President Biden said, our work is not done!

Will you stand with the Missouri Democratic Party as we prepare for the long road ahead to elect more Democrats across our state? We have to stop extreme Republican politicians like Josh Hawley and MAGA Trump supporters.


Become a Missouri Democratic Party Member today!

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Doesn’t the Missouri legislature have more important issues to deal with?

With just a little more than a month into the new legislative session, there is still time for Missouri lawmakers to change direction and focus on issues that are important to many Missourians. 

But, will they?

The legislature got off to a roaring start proposing bills to limit transgender students’ participation in schools’ sports, and banning the teaching of “critical race theory.”

At least 10 bills have been filed to limit the ability of transgender children to play in youth sports. There are proposed bills also on banning discussion about gender and sexual identity by school staff, and how health care providers treat children with gender identity issues.

Since 2012, only 13 transgender students have been approved to play sports by The Missouri State High School Activities Association, which requires transgender athletes to apply and provide medical documentation in order to compete as the gender they identify with.

Read more at The Missouri Independent


Spring 2023 Staff Cohort applications are due March 12th

The LeadMO Staff Cohort is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to build a career in politics, grassroots organizing, and advocacy.

Accepted applicants will participate in a virtual module of skill-building courses (e.g. fundraising, communications, voter contact) twice weekly for three weeks. From there students attend a weekend long capstone project to put skills to the test and continue building their political networks. This cohort requires a five week commitment of 10 hours per week + the full three-day Capstone. The LeadMO Staff Cohort is a 100% free program. 

Applications are open and will be accepted until March 12th with a program start date of April 4th. Learn more and apply at

Thank you to our friends at ActBlue for joining up with us this week and holding a fundraising training for some of our county and Democrat club activists. Also thank you to Clay County Democrats, Greene County Democrats and Boone County Democrats for hosting at their respective headquarters!


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