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How dare they? 

Last week, we saw #moleg Rebpulicans continue their attacks on hardworking Missourians; first it was the attack on safer communities, and then Republicans passed a bill which would make it more difficult to pass constitutional amendments. 

By party-line vote, HB468-469 passed 108-50 which all, but would eradicat Missouri’s initiative petition process. Republicans pulled the same stunt they always have, trying to pull the wool over voters eyes with vague language, and making it difficult for House Democrats to prepare amendments to the bill. Rep. Joe Adams, D-University City, criticized the bill, saying “There are some pieces of legislation that are zombies and vampires, that no matter how many times you kill them, they come back.” He went on to say he expects voters to put an end to this debate at the polls. 

Democrats continue to reach across the aisle on Bipartisan House Bill 301, which three Democrats and three Republicans supported in committee. The legislation is designed to keep children from walking down the street with deadly weapons. Democrats on the panel included Reps. Marlon Anderson and Donna Baringer of St. Louis, and Robert Sauls of Independence. Republicans included Roberts, as well as Reps. Ron Copeland of Salem and John Black of Marshfield.

Read full article: St. Louis Post Dispatch

MDP Welcomes Next Executive Director

He’s no stranger to MDP politics, but on behalf of the party, please help us welcome Matthew Patterson as MDP’s next executive director. 

Patterson served as deputy executive director under Randy Dunn for a year. One of his main priorities was fundraising; in which MDP secured more than $2 million dollars to help elect Democrats across the state. Matthew was the Executive Director of the Utah Democratic Party for 2 years before coming back to Missouri.

A native son of Southwest Missouri (Christian County), Patterson has been active in local, state, and federal Democratic politics for over 20 years. He worked for the House Democratic Campaign Committee, Claire McCaskill, and served as Executive Director of the Greene County Democrats. He was the policy director for Renew Missouri, a statewide organization that advocates and works for clean energy and energy efficiency policies. He also served as the Executive Director of Missouri ProVote, which was a statewide coalition of unions and community groups that worked to promote progressive policies through electoral engagement and recruited, trained, and supported candidates for state legislative races

“We must ALL work together to win in 2024. We must hit as many doors as we can, call as many voters as we can and text till we can’t feel our fingers. We cannot afford another 4 years of what Trump did to this country and what Republicans are doing to us in Jefferson City,” said Patterson.

Black History Month 2023

The 2023 Black History Month theme is ‘Black Resistance’, which recognizes the historic and ongoing oppression that Black Americans have faced and resisted.

“Welcome to Black History Month. Black History is our history, White, Black, Asian, Spanish-Speaking and Native American, Everyone, our people.” #mayaangelou #blackhistorymonth2023 #BHM

In his proclamation marking February as National Black History Month, President Biden said part of celebrating the legacy of Black Americans means acknowledging that America has never lived up to its promise that all people should be treated equal.

“The struggles and challenges of the Black American story to make a way out of no way have been the crucible where our resolve to fulfill this vision has most often been tested,” Biden said in a statement on Tuesday.

“Black Americans’ struggles for freedom, equal treatment, and the right to vote; for equal opportunities in education, housing, and the workplace; for economic opportunity, equal justice, and political representation; and so much more have reformed our democracy far beyond its founding. Black Americans have made a way not only for themselves but also have helped build a highway for millions of women, immigrants, other historically marginalized communities, and all Americans to more fully experience the benefits of our society,” the president continued.

Join MDP in recognizing Black History Month!

Black History Month 2023

According to the Missouri Independent, because no Black senators serve on the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee, Wednesday’s discussion was the first time this year they were able to bring their perspectives to the bill publicly. It also happened to be the first day of Black History Month.

“How incidental that we’re talking about this on the first day of Black History Month,” said Sen. Karla May, a St. Louis Democrat. “Why are we trying to prevent educators from teaching anything in regard to Black history?”

The bill, proposed by Republican Sen. Andrew Koenig of Manchester, seeks to restrict educators from teaching certain concepts, such as “individuals of any race, ethnicity, color, or national origin are inherently superior or inferior.” It also contains “Parent’s Bill of Rights” legislation and would create a transparency portal with teaching materials.

Read the full article: Missouri Independent


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LiUNA Laborers’ Local 955

Organize Rally to Support City Workers

Dozen of supporters gathered at the Keyhole to rally with Columbia’s City Workers on Tuesday.

Supporters offered their support for workers in Columbia who are being overworked, and forced to bear the cost of severe staff shortages. These shortages have not just hurt workers, it is hurting the community, according to LiUNA Laborers’ Local 955.

“It is time we do something to help the bus drivers who have been working mandatory overtime for 18 months, the mechanics who have valiantly tried to keep city vehicles safe and on the road despite having no new hires for 3 years, and all of the other public works and utilities workers who kept our city running through a pandemic. It is time we take care of the workers who have been taking care of us and hire new workers to help lighten the load.”


Spring 2023 Staff Cohort applications are due March 12th

The LeadMO Staff Cohort is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to build a career in politics, grassroots organizing, and advocacy.

Accepted applicants will participate in a virtual module of skill-building courses (e.g. fundraising, communications, voter contact) twice weekly for three weeks. From there students attend a weekend long capstone project to put skills to the test and continue building their political networks. This cohort requires a five week commitment of 10 hours per week + the full three-day Capstone. The LeadMO Staff Cohort is a 100% free program. 

Applications are open and will be accepted until March 12th with a program start date of April 4th. Learn more and apply at

Missouri Dispensaries Prepare to Start

Recreational Marijuana Sales

Despite the more than one million Missouri voters who supported legalizing recreational marijuana, Republicans want to change the rules to make things like approving recreational marijuana nearly impossible in the future.

According to the Missouri Department of Health, the Division of Cannabis Regulation will begin approving licenses on Friday.

“It’s our anticipation this process will go smoothly and quickly,” wrote DHSS about the process to make their way through the 174 applications on Friday. “Our system will not allow for a blanket approval approach, but the team assigned will be working quickly and diligently until all licenses to be approved are approved.”

According to a KSHB, Adult-use consumers must be 21 years or older and have a valid government issued ID. Without a medical card, customers can purchase up to three ounces at a time and can be in possession of up to three ounces. Adult use purchases are taxed at 6% in addition to local taxes. Medical marijuana card holders are allowed six ounces, taxed at 4%.

Paid for by the Missouri Democratic State Committee, Glenda Bainbridge, Treasurer.

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