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2023 is not an off year. Let’s repeat that for those who will only read the first line of this Newsletter – 2023 is NOT an off year! Democratic values are under attack, and we must remain focused. We can’t simply rely on our 2022 successes, we have to work hard this year as we look ahead to 2024. 

As we take on the challenges ahead, we have to be prepared for the attacks from the far right. As Democrats, we have a duty to protect democracy and defend Missouri’s future generations. To create an economy that works for all Missourians. To protect the right to affordable healthcare, and a woman’s right to choose, supporting safer communities, and rolling back the effects of climate change.

This week, we saw the first of many smoke screens by Republicans. It’s a tactic they are using to distract from their fierce attacks on LGBTQ rights, among others. Republicans are savvy – but Democrats are smart. But we can’t take our eyes off what they are trying to do in the legislature. The attack on the LGBTQ community is a simple distraction from the truth – Republicans are more aggressive as they work to bleed out public school funding.

Missouri is filled with promise, but we cannot do it without you. There’s only one question – will you join MDP in 2023 to defend Missouri’s future?

MDP held it’s first Executive and State Committee Meeting of the year on Saturday, January 21, 2023. It was a successful meeting with more than 80 people participating by Zoom. 

Members accomplished a number of important items for the year ahead, to include saying farewell to MDP Executive Director, Randy Dunn, who announced his departure to the Committee. Randy told the group, “I have enjoyed my time working on behalf of the MDP and to elect Democrats across Missouri.” 

Dunn went on to highlight the 2023 MDP Annual Report, which highlights the successes of the party, while looking ahead to the 2024 election cycle. The committee also elected members to serve on the Executive Committee as laid out in the Bylaws. The members are: Mary Elizabeth Dorsey, Jessica Slisz, Nanda Nunnelly, Melissa Cameron, Kenneth Bacchus, Robert Cesario, Dennis Lavalee, and John Hicks.

The next State Committee Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 18 at Noon. Meeting location to be determined. 

In First Week of Legislature

Republican Lawmakers Set Sights on LGBTQ Rights 

While lawmakers in Jeff City should be focused on increasing funding for public schools, rebuilding our infrastructure and protecting the rights of all Missourians, they are instead focused on defending LGBTQ rights against a barrage of Republican attacks. 

This week, the Kansas City Star wrote an article calling the Republican attacks the largest anti-LGBTQ legislation in the nation, and the most dangerous. In the article, former State Senator Greg Razer said, “It’s been painful to watch, because I was a 17-year-old suicidal gay kid. I know what that pain feels like and that hurts,” Razer said. 

According to the ACLU, as of January 12, at least 27 anti-LGBTQ bills have already been introduced by Republicans, accounting for roughly 21% of legislation introduced nationwide in state legislatures. Senate Democratic Minority Leader John Rizzo called the focus on transgender athletics “absurd.” “There’s more bills about trans kids playing sports than there are trans kids that want to play sports,” Rizzo told KCTV5 News reporters Thursday.

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Governor Mike Parson delivers 2023 State of the State Address

On January 18, Governor Mike Parson delivered his State of State Address in front of the Missouri General Assembly. 

Parson’s key priorities included infrastructure, public safety, government reform, health and mental health care, and workforce development and education. Despite the governor voicing these priorities before lawmakers, Democrats remain cautious of Republican lip service. Republicans have remained in the super majority for 20 straight years – driving Missouri to the bottom in almost every important category from healthcare and maternal death mortality rates to teacher and state worker pay. 

MDP joins state lawmakers in asking the governor and our Republican colleagues to finally do course correct this failing ship. Senate Democratic Leader John Rizzo and House Minority Leader Crystal Quade discuss the Governor’s 2023 State of the State and FY24 Budget. 

Watch the Senate and House response by clicking each link. 

Missouri Democratic Rep. Richard Brown

expects more cooperation between parties this year

Missouri House Democratic Caucus shared an article featuring Assistant Minority Floor Leader Richard Brown, who “expects more cooperation between parties this legislative cycle.” In the article, Rep. Brown also discussed the policies he would like to see passed regarding child care, as well as other House Democratic goals.

Read thfull article on STL Public Radio.

Hawley not off the Hook

for January 6

Josh Hawley was the first Republican to promise rejection of the 2020 presidential election. He famously held up his arm with defiant fist in support of the insurrection – before he was seen running from the capital for his life. 

The House committee responsible for examining the January 6, attack on the capital started its final series of hearings, with the goal of publishing its findings and recommendations later this year. 

Despite Hawley, Trump and MAGA Rebpulicans attempt to try and forget about the January 6, insurrection or lie to the American people, Missouri Democrats will continue to hold Hawley accountable for his actions. 

Read the full Kansas City Star article. 


Randy Dunn – For those who may not be aware, my time with the Missouri Democratic Party is coming to an end. I have enjoyed working with Missouri Democrats for the past two years. We have accomplished so much. I have accepted the Director of Community Development position for the City of Grandview, Missouri. I look forward to continuing to serve and work to make positive changes in this new role. I hope I have left the Party in a better place than when I started and I hope to see continued success. 

Matthew Patterson – Matthew has been traveling across the state visiting with various central committees and clubs. He’s working with Act Blue to do fundraising training across the state in February. With Randy’s departure, Matthew was named the next Executive Director.

Akeam Ashford – Akeam continues to work with MDP staff to push out up-to-date information regarding the party. He is happy to serve on the MDP Communiations Committee and looks forward to engaging content moving ahead. Please let him know of upcoming events or special Democratic events happening across the state!


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