Welcome Back to Rogan’s List!

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Welcome Back to Rogan’s List!

Suspend the debt ceiling, more Biden judges, January 6th events and more!

Greetings!  After a two-year hiatus, Rogan’s List is back!  Following the 2022 election, we felt we needed to get back in the game and help keep this democracy going in the right direction.  

Beginning January 2nd, we will be providing five or so actions a day, Monday through Friday.  Each action will give a little detail of the issue, a link to a reputable source with more explanation, and a specific action to take – including links to make it easy.  Today’s is a sample of the new Rogan’s List.

Enjoy the holidays!  See you in the new year!

Rogan’s List Team


With the GOP back in control of the House, we are likely to see more threats to force an economically catastrophic default on the national debt if they don’t get their way. Republicans have already indicated they’ll use the need to raise the debt ceiling as leverage to demand cuts to crucial programs and even Social Security. With Democrats controlling Capitol Hill for a few more weeks, let’s call on our members of Congress to eliminate the debt ceiling and put a stop to these “hostage crisis” tactics for good.

  • ADVOCATE FOR MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH CARESuicide and substance abuse are the leading causes of maternal mortality, and 1 in 5 women suffer from maternal mental health conditionsBefore Congress adjourns for the year, let’s tell our Senators and Representative to pass these bills. We can contact them directly or use this tool from Moms Rising Together.
    • Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders Act (S.3824) (state funding for maternal mental health programs and a dedicated 24/7 hotline)
    • TRIUMPH for New Moms Act (H.R.4217) (better-coordinated maternal mental health efforts)
    • Moms Matter Act (H.R.909) (prevention, intervention, treatment; grow the maternal mental health workforce)
    • Black Maternal Health Momnibus (H.R.959) (investments in community-based programs, mental health workforce diversity, expand treatments and supports)


With the second anniversary of the insurrection coming up, our democracy remains under threat – from coup plotters having not yet been held accountable, reactionaries who continue to push laws that limit our right to vote and allow them to hijack our elections, and now from a Republican House that’s threatening to undermine the work of the January 6th Committee. A coalition of pro-democracy groups is preparing to launch the next phase of the fight with a national day of action to mark January 6th. Let’s check out their website and find an event we can attend, or get in touch with the coalition to host our own.




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