Indivisible Yolo Newsletter 12/21/22

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To our MoC: use your power while you have it!

Hi Indivisibles,

With just over 2 weeks to go in this legislative session, we have so little time left to prevent the damage Republicans have promised to inflict when they take control of Congress in January. We’re asking our members of Congress to stay in session, and use every remaining minute of the Democratic trifecta to pass legislation we need now and to stop Republican hostage taking next session. We need our members of Congress to lift the debt ceiling and to pass an appropriations omnibus right now. The damage from refusing to lift the debt ceiling could be terrible on its own, and we also run the risk of having truly harmful measures attached to this and to the must-pass budget measures.

Here’s the link to the Indivisible national final session priorities list:

And here’s a debt ceiling 101 resource from Indivisible:

We’re calling our MoC’s to tell them to stay in session- we know they’re tempted to just head out for a holiday break and leave unfinished business. We need to let them know how important it is to stay and do the work.

Call scripts are below.

Tell our Members of Congress: Stay in Session!

Contact both our Senators:

Contact your own Representative. You can find out whether it’s Garamendi or Matsui in the current session here)

Extra credit: contact Rep. Mike Thompson, if he’ll be your representative in the next legislative session:

Sample Call Script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a [constituent of Senator Feinstein/Sen. Padilla/Rep. Garamendi/Rep. Matsui]/[will be a constituent of Rep. Thompson next session]. My zip code is [zip code]. I’m calling to ask the [Senator/Representative] to stay in session 7 days a week to use every last minute of our Democratic trifecta. Please do not head out for a break while there’s still unfinished business!

Please lift the debt ceiling so Republicans don’t have a hostage to take next year–threatening Social Security, Medicare and the entire global economy. Please pass an appropriations omnibus before Republicans take control of the House. We can’t let Republicans use must-pass legislation as leverage for harmful legislation next Congress.

Please include provisions to protect abortion rights and mitigate harm from abortion restrictions in any must-pass legislation this session. Thank you.

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