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A Fine Year End

We are about to have a Democratic Governor in the State of Arizona! Some of us remember how wonderful it was when we last had a female Democrat as Governor with an active veto pen and the drive to make things happen (like all-day kindergarten and domestic abuse advocacy) even in the face of a Republican-controlled legislature. Boy, are we looking forward to Katie Hobbs doing great things again!

And, we have Adrian Fontes as Secretary of State. His outspoken advocacy for democracy is already showing. And, he’s had the wisdom to appoint Coconino County Recorder Patty Hansen to his transition team!

And, we elected a true “lawyer for the people” in Attorney-General-elect Kris Mayes. Kris is leading by 511 votes, which means we have to go through a recount, but we’re confident she’ll maintain a lead and be sworn in in January. 

To top that off, courts are knocking down perpetuators of the Big Lie right and left this week. So, there is a lot to celebrate as we go into the new year. 

Meanwhile, there is still quite a bit of work to do. For that recount, our Chair just appointed six volunteer hand audit board members and several volunteers to serve as tabulation observers as the ballots run through the machines again starting on December 8. The Secretary of State’s team will be in town on December 7 for the required Logic & Accuracy test of election equipment prior to the beginning of the recount.

Then, there is the important task of electing new leadership for our party. Our nominating committee has been hard at work recruiting candidates for our 5 officer positions and for state committee membership.

In January, we’ll drill down on post-election debriefing. Because of the recount and much-deserved vacations among the data team at ADP and DNC, precinct-level data is not yet available in our database. (Plus, we need a rest!)


The law calls it reorganization. Ordinary humans call it electing officers and state committee members. That’s what we will do at our Monthly Meeting on December 10 at 10:00 am at the Murdoch Center. And, also on Zoom. All Democrats are welcome to attend, observe, and meet our leadership team. Our 146 elected Precinct Committee Members are the ones doing the voting. (If you are a PC and cannot attend either in person or on Zoom, please give a proxy to an elector in your precinct who will attend the meeting for you.)  We anticipate there will be plenty of time to mingle and celebrate our wins at this year-end “party for the party.”

Our nominating committee has done a great job of recruiting candidates for the five officer positions. Read about the candidates here.

If you are a precinct committee person who wants to serve on the State Committee and you haven’t been in touch with the nominating committee, please reach out to the chair of that committee, Linda Guarino by email:

Let’s Be Generous

On December 10, we’re asking you to bring donations to support an effort by one of our local Democrats.

Jonathan Yazzie has been providing relief for Navajo and Hopi Elders in remote areas for years by connecting people and donated resources to ensure the health and safety of those who struggle to provide for themselves. He volunteers year-round by using his truck to deliver supplies such as firewood, food boxes, cases of water, water totes, and hay on the Navajo Nation and Hopi Lands. This month, he is also collecting toys, jackets, coats, and gloves to make the holiday season brighter.  Please bring any of these items — or a cash donation. (Make checks payable to Jonathan Yazzie with the memo: “firewood donation.”) Donna Hanley will make sure these items get to Jonathan and through him to our Native American neighbors.

Final Message from Our Retiring Chair

As we celebrate the conclusion of one hard-fought and fruitful cycle, let’s remember that the 2024 General Election is not far away. Next year is our building year for success in 2024. In our vast and diverse county, there is much to do. During the last four years, our efforts have expanded and brought success. Those efforts must be sustained, and there is more that can be done but only with your support and help.

When you are called upon to volunteer next year, please do so. If you can give, please donate. If you have been a monthly donor, please renew your regular contributions and consider if you can afford to increase them, even if ever so slightly. 

Thank you, and best wishes for a restful and joyous holiday season and success in the coming year. It has been my honor to lead this group of earnest political warriors. 

Ann Heitland

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