VOTE ’22- Make Sure Your Vote is Counted!

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Tuesday, November 8th, is Election Day. Pennsylvanians will elect a new governor and federal and state lawmakers who will control state policy and funding next year and for years to come. PA’s citizens have a lot at stake in the election.

Please make your plan to vote and if you have already voted by mail, make sure your vote will be counted!

Voting in person: Planning to vote in person? Find your polling place here. When voting at a polling place for the first time, you must show proof of identification. Learn more about the types of approved ID you can show here.

Already voted by mail? Check your ballot status HERE to make sure your ballot has been received and will be counted.

If you have received your mail ballot but not yet returned it, you have several options.  

  • Ballots must be RECEIVED by your county election office on November 8th. Postmarks do not count. If your ballot is not yet mailed, you will need to drop it off at a ballot drop box or your county election office for it to arrive in time. Find a drop-off location in your county here.  Finally, to ensure your vote is counted, follow the rules for mail-in ballots. Read the instructions & mark your ballot. Seal the ballot in the inner secrecy envelope marked “official election ballot.” Place the secrecy envelope inside the pre-addressed outer return envelope, then sign & date.
  • Find a step-by-step guide for completing your ballot here.
  • You can vote on election day. Take your entire ballot package (envelopes and all) to the polling place and turn it in, and vote on the machine. If you do not take your ballot with you, you still have the right to a provisional ballot — poll workers must give everyone who cannot vote on the machine a provisional ballot upon request
  • Do not be deterred by early voting results, and be patient as ballots- especially those that are mailed- are processed and counted. This could take several days.
  • Note that Allegheny and Philadelphia counties have created a list of incomplete ballots that have an error and are at risk of not being counted. Here is Allegheny County’s list link,-no-date-ballots.aspx. Philadelphia list is here: If you or someone you know is on these lists, there are steps you can take to correct, or cure, your ballot so it is counted.

If you have any issues or problems at the polls, you can report them to 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

You can check out the League of Women Voters PA’s non-partisan online tool, Vote411, a “one-stop-shop” for election-related information. At Vote411, you can see what will be on your ballot based on your address and review information from candidates based on information they posted in their own words. You can even have a personalized ballot emailed to you, or print one out that you can take with you when you vote.

Thank you for your continued support of progressive policy. Pennsylvanians have a lot at stake in the election–please make sure to vote!

In Solidarity,

Marc, Vivienne, Jay, and the rest of the WTP-PA team

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