Republicans think you’ll forget to vote

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PA Republican Lt. Gov candidate Carrie DelRosso thinks pro-choice voters won’t show up on Tuesday.

DelRosso insults us, saying, “They’re emotional voters. I don’t think they’re gonna vote. … They yell and scream, and they forget to go to the polls.”

Oh really?

We will NOT let Republicans ban abortion. We’re rising up to vote them out.

you can volunteer to stop DelRosso and her Republican allies from taking control of Pennsylvania. Find a virtual phone bank or in-person canvass here.

Anti-choice Republicans insult us because they know pro-choice Americans are the majority.

Rep. Matt Gaetz called women rallying for abortion rights “over-educated, under-loved millenials who sadly return from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats.”

We’ll remember. And on Tuesday, we’ll vote them out.

 Join our volunteer army. Find a virtual phone bank or in-person canvass here.

The New Yorker reports on what’s at stake if Pennsylvania Republicans win on Tuesday:

If Republicans win the Pennsylvania legislature, even a Democratic governor might not be able to block their efforts.

An omnibus referendum, planned for the spring, would ban abortion, roll back voting rights, and mandate election audits. Others could amend the state constitution to, say, change how Presidential electors are appointed.

But we’re fighting back.

Andrea Koplove, from Turn PA Blue, told me, “What I’m hearing at the doors and what we’re seeing with voter registration and volunteers is unprecedented. Women are showing up in droves.” 

I’m organizing canvasses, phone banks, and text banks across Pennsylvania, and I’m seeing huge numbers of volunteers inspired to defend democracy.

With just days to go, we need your help. Can you sign up to phone from home or (if you’re in PA) knock doors in a targeted district?

Our volunteers are knocking doors rain or shine, cold or warm, talking to voters of all stripes.

At Turn PA Blue, we’re proud to empower volunteers with the training, tools, and technology they need to win swing-state elections.

Now is the most pivotal time. The Governor’s mansion, the General Assembly, and toss-up races for Congress are at stake here in PA.

Even if you can spare just an hour, you can get more Democrats out to vote. Sign up to knock doors in PA or phone from anywhere here.

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Turn PA Blue is committed to harnessing the power and energy of committed volunteers to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. The grassroots energy enhanced by Turn PA Blue has the ability to drive turnout and energy upward to help Democrats running across the state at all levels. Our goal is also to integrate the inclusion of new voices into the Democratic Party on all levels, with particular emphasis on strengthening the local parties whose infrastructure is vital to the growth and efficacy of the Democratic Party will also serve to “build our bench” for future candidate recruitment.

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