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Maintain Hope and Get the Word Out Now! 
We’re Within a Margin of Effort

Super Videos from Progressive Organizations

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Take a look at these and determine which ones will resonate with your friends and families. Please share them via your email, your Facebook page, Twitter – especially with people in swing states. Young people’s votes are so important but they don’t tend to watch TV (good and bad) so we want to be sure they get to see the appropriate videos. Ask them to share with their friends on their favorite social media. 

There’s some excellent material here!

American Family Voices videos
Democratic Accomplishments: 2021 – 2022 

These are produced by American Family Voices, AFV (bluein22.org). They are a series of videos discussing the top progressive issues, including: Economy, Health Care, COVID, Our Freedoms, Education, Climate, Guns, Infrastructure and Foreign Affairs. Addditionally, all of the individual videos are combined into one 17-minute video, The Full List, that covers all the issues. Well worth the time!

We Make the Future Actions videos
Be a voter. Deliver Black Dreams
Imagine a world of respect. A world we can count on to protect our voices, our choices – and believe in the ones we elect. Be a voter, #ProtectOurFreedoms, and #DeliverBlackDreams this election. 

Working People Like You and Me
From Voters of Tomorrow, https://votersoftomorrow.org/

Voters of Tomorrow was founded in 2019 by then 17-year-old Santiago Mayer, an immigrant from Mexico. Santiago noticed a lack of political engagement at his high school and decided to tackle that by creating a new organization for young people, by young people.

During the 2020 election, we delivered our first major initiative, “Prom At The Polls.” The campaign registered thousands of voters and reached tens of millions of people through a series of organic social media trends and digitally organized events.


Here’s a Message for our Kupuna
Jon “Bowzer” Bauman of Social Security Works PAC (and “Sha Na Na”) explains your new social security and Medicare benefits — and how Republicans are threatening a global financial crisis to cut them.

Uplifting Messages from Michael Moore

Michael Moore, who hasn’t typically been upbeat, is very positive about a democratic success in the mid-terms. He posts daily messages. Here’s an example. Scroll down to subscribe and see all of his “Mid-Term Tsunami Truths”.

We Decide in 22
What Freedoms are at Stake?
Good comparison of what Dems vs Reps believe and have accomplished.


States with Registration on Election Day
Only 22 US states offer same-day voter registration! Per @NYCLU, this especially impacts young voters who don’t know about deadlines—exacerbated by the significant uptick in news about the election *after* the voter cutoff.

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Indivisible Hawaii is a pro-democracy citizen activist group whose mission is to protect and enhance the institutions of democracy in our Country and our State. We seek to resist Trumpism by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values.

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