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PEG 12th Congressional District Newsletter 287

Thursday, October 20, 2022

19 Days until November Midterm Elections!!

Know Your Ballot: Michigan Proposals – Protectors of Equality in Government

Michigan has the strictest term limits in the nation. The state is also one of only two with no financial disclosure requirements for elected officials. Voters For Transparency and Term Limits is the group that drafted this proposal. Proposal 2, which Promote the Vote is behind, would add election requirements to the state constitution. Proposal 3 would protect Reproductive Freedom by invalidating a 1931 abortion ban. Read more on the PEG Newsletter Blog at More

Monday, October 24. Get free admission to a showing of the major motion picture, Call Jane

Learn about Heather Booth, the founder of JANE, an underground abortion service in 1965, before Roe. View the trailer by clicking here of the movie of her story, Heather Booth, Changing the World, and be awed and inspired.
Click here to register for FREE to this upcoming showing of the major motion picture, Call Jane, starring Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks. This showing and afterglow will be on on Monday at 7 pm at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, thanks to Distill Social.

Events and Ways to GOTV

New Resource instantly provides all the info you need to cast an informed vote. (Check out their short video.) Go to the landing page, enter the name, birthday, and zip code you used when you registered to vote, and magically the Democratic Party’s recommendations for your specific ballot will pop up. You can then use the list to fill out your ballot or click on the links to get more in-depth info on the candidates and issues. For more information, go to and click on FAQ.

Support our friends at Nextgen with their Michigan Ground Game to GOTVThere are new event every week registering voters. Learn more and Sign up to get involved here. Wednesdays. Tabling Event at EMU Lobby. Eastern Michigan University Student Center, 900 Oakwood St. Ypsilanti. Sign up here. 2–4 pm Wednesdays. Register Students to VOTE at WSU Farmer’s Market. Wayne State University. Woodward Avenue & West Warren Avenue Park. Detroit, 48201. Sign up here. 10 am Wednesdays. Weekly Tabling Event at MSU. Michigan State University International Center. 427 N. Shaw Ln, East Lansing, 48824. Sign up here. 11 am – 2 pm 

Now is the time to Volunteer and Vote if you care about the fate of our democracy

Voters Not Politicians                                                               
Particularly crucial is Proposition 2, a ballot proposal also known as Promote the Vote, which provides safeguards to the electoral process. It will put significant voting rights directly into the Michigan Constitution, thereby enhancing the integrity of our elections and protecting the vote of every eligible Michigan voter.
We must promote Proposition 2 by canvassing at every opportunity. Promote the Vote is in desperate need of more volunteers. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, please go to Remember, those who wish to suppress the vote haven’t lost time, going on the street and airwaves with outright lies. We must counteract their duplicity.

One Campaign For Michigan                                                                                
Another avenue for volunteerism is through the ONE Campaign for Michigan. On their website, you can sign up to talk to voters both about the two vital propositions (Promote the Vote and Reproductive Rights) and a wonderful slate of Democratic candidates, most notably, of course, Governor Whitmer and Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist, both running for reelection. 
If you sign up to campaign and you’re nervous about calling strangers, never fear. You’ll receive training on phone-banking with an expert over Zoom.
If you wish to volunteer in the safety of your own home, you can do so through the website, Describing themselves as a “digital movement,” they and their army of volunteers are dedicated to opposing the GOP’s network of lies on social media. DemCast uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to message the truth. You can join this effort by going to their website.

Become an election worker in Michigan! Many communities in Michigan still have a high need for more poll workers, who affiliate as either Republican or Democrat to help ensure balanced staffing, to work the November Election. Can you help?   If you think you might like to sign-up you must first watch the 5 min Election Worker Intro video to learn about the responsibilities of working as election inspector in Michigan, and about the eligibility requirements for serving. Then select the “Next” button to complete your sign-up form. (If you have already signed up through Democracy MVP, you do not need to sign up again.)   You can also apply in-person at any local clerk’s office in Michigan, not just your own. Locate a local clerk by county HERE.

Once you’ve applied please wait for a local clerk to contact you. In order to serve as an election inspector in Michigan, you must be officially hired and trained by an election clerk’s office. If you have questions about your application status, rate of pay, training schedule, or placement please contact the election clerk’s office where you applied.   While you wait it’s helpful to review the Democracy MVP Election Worker Resource Library to prepare you for the election in November. It has great videos, materials, and other resources. Thank you for considering helping!

Sending letters for an hour can be an important contribution to electing your candidates 

Want to know which candidates for nonpartisan offices share your values? Your friends and neighbors want to know who to vote for as well. Learn how you can find out and help others do so too, by emailing It’s easy and important.

Visit the PEG website for the full list and details of Upcoming Events

Things to read, watch, and listen to

Kyra Harris Bolden & Richard Bernstein: Crucial to Michigan’s Supreme Court’s Progressive MajorityFor those who support reproductive freedom and Propositions 2 and 3, which protects fair elections and reproductive rights, we can thank Michigan’s current Supreme Court with its progressive majority. In the past year, it blocked the 1931 abortion ban, which would have been in effect when Roe v. Wade was overturned; it also directed the Michigan’s conservative Board of State Canvassers to put Propositions 2 and 3 on the ballot. Now, it’s imperative that we vote to protect that progressive majority in the persons of Bolden and Bernstein. If elected, Kyra Harris Bolden would be the first African American woman to serve on Michigan’s Supreme Court and the only justice with legislative experience. Before becoming a State Representative in 2018, she served as a criminal defense lawyer and then a civil litigation attorney with Lewis & Munday, P.C. During two terms in the Michigan House, she’s worked on reforming the criminal justice system and protecting victims of sexual violence.  Says Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan, “The progressive community is very excited about her candidacy.”            
If re-elected to Michigan’s high court, Richard Bernstein would continue his advocacy of disability rights and the other progressive causes he has championed over the years. Calling himself “the blind justice” as he’s been legally blind since birth, he writes, “I believe in justice that is blind to ideologyblind to special interests, and blind to partisan politics.” He is the recipient of numerous awards. In 2008 he was awarded the John W. Cummiskey Pro Bono Award; in 2009 Michigan Lawyers Weekly named him a Leader in the Law; and for his commitment to equal rights, in 2011, the University of Michigan gave him the James T. Neubacher Award.

Be sure college students know how to vote! College students who are US citizens have two choices: Register to vote using your student address or register using your permanent home address. Go to to register! What’s on the ballot? Check out the ballots at or vote411.orgMLive reviewed how students at UM, EMU and MSU can vote. 

And check out the UMMA (UM Museum of Art) for their efforts on registering students “Vote 2022: Midterms Matter.”

Election Season At a Glance: 

The Washtenaw County Clerk’s webpage enumerates in detail the elections, proposals and candidates to date. A few of the important remaining dates are listed below.

November 8 – State General Election

To vote absentee, a request must be received no later than 5 pm the Friday before the election. The ballot must then be returned by 8 pm on Election Day.

What are the voter registration deadlines?

Visit MichiganGov/Vote to register

  • October 24: Last day to register in any manner other than in-person with the local clerk for the November general election. (168.497)
  • October 25 through 8 pm on November 8: In-person registration with local clerk with proof of residency. (168.497)

Register to Vote here

Search for your voter information

Information you might find here:

  • Registration Status
  • Polling place location and hours
  • View a sample ballot
  • Track an absentee ballot, and more

Search for your voter information

  • Enter the required information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk *.
  • Search by address or by driver’s license   

It tells you

  • Your City/Township and County
  • If you are registered
  • Your election calendar: including election date, election description, ballot preview*
  • Your precinct, polling location, election day hours, dropbox locations
  • Your clerk and contact information
  • Absentee ballot status
  • All voter district information

Ballot preview* – View

  • Allows you to view your upcoming ballot
  • The nonpartisan portion does NOT show party affiliation
  • If you live in Washtenaw County, the 2022 Democratic Voter Guide provides suggestions for partisan and non-partisan races.

Voter Protection Hotline

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