He Did It Again!

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Eric Schmitt has shown as Attorney General that he is not about protecting Missourians. Whether it’s going after school districts who are trying to protect their students during a pandemic or making sure Missouri became the first state to outlaw abortion and leaving women in this state without the health care they need. It’s obvious that he does not want to use his office to protect the people of this state. No, Schmitt only seeks quick political points from his right wing base.

Well, he did it again!

Schmitt drew controversy late Tuesday night after he posted a tweet supporting the controversial rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and then deleted it. Schmitt wrote the tweet three days after Ye had written an antisemitic Twitter post where he called for “death con 3” on Jewish people, a reference to DEFCON, a defense preparation system used by the military.

Also, Andrew Leppert, Schmitt’s campaign manager, has promoted Ye in several recent tweets. Leppert has not responded if he condemns Ye’s recent comments.

We agree with our Senate nominee, Trudy Busch Valentine, who tweeted “It reveals a great deal about Eric Schmitt’s character that tonight he is openly embracing those who spew vile antisemitism,” she wrote. “This is both dangerous and appalling. Missouri deserves so much better.”

That’s why we need Trudy in the US Senate. She’s not about creating division. She’s about working together to make this a better place to live for all Missourians!

Stand with us and make a donation today, so we can continue working to elect a Senator who will work to protect everyone! 


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