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Oct 3, 2022

Congressman O’Halleran Monday Night

Congressman Tom O’Halleran is hosting a town hall meeting at the Murdoch Community Center tomorrow, Monday evening from 5:30 to 6:30. He invites you to share your thoughts, concerns & questions with him directly.

This is NOT a campaign appearance. Nonetheless, it would behoove us to fill the Murdoch Center with supportive Democrats. Tom is currently our Congressman in CD1;  due to recent redistricting, he is running to be our Congressman in the new CD2. 

This is not a campaign event. This is Tom coming to talk to our community — as he has many times — about what he has been doing in Washington and to answer questions from the community.  More about the event: Tom in our Town.

10 Days

Voting begins in just 10 days.  It’s time now to knock on doors and make phone calls.  

We’re also providing volunteers to assist Mission for Arizona in preparing packets for those canvassers. If you’d like to help with that, contact our Operations Manager at

Canvassers are carrying our Sample Ballot and doorhangers produced by us for those doors where no one answers. Our doorhangers tout Democratic achievements over the last two years and urge voters to “keep the momentum going.” 

If you or someone you know has moved and needs to update their address — or if someone needs to register for the first time in Arizona, give them this address:  Anyone who turns 18 by November 8 can register NOW.  Voter registration ends October 11.

Our volunteers are registering voters on campus and in the field. We’re at the Leupp and Tuba City flea markets, along the highway near Cameron, at the Flagstaff Community Market, and on the NAU campus. Northeast Arizona Native Democrats, funded in part by us, are working throughout our tribal precincts.

Know someone who wants to volunteer for this critical Midterm Election? Have them fill out this form, or just call our office at 928-214-0393. We’ve got a variety of jobs. But the most important ones are face-to-face conversations with voters!

All Hands On Deck for Messaging

Watch for our “Dems Deliver”  and “It’s on the Ballot” social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — and don’t just watch, share!  If you’re not on social media, go to our website and look at the bottom of the homepage to pick up and spread the messages among your sphere of influence. 

Here’s the first message in our “Dems Deliver” campaign — published yesterday:

The Name of the Game in Coconino

We have different challenges in Coconino County compared with other parts of Arizona. We are fortunate in that Democrats heavily outnumber Republicans in voter registration. Our challenge is to get those Democrats to vote. The name of the game is turnout.

We’re not trying to persuade the MAGA-Republicans to vote for our candidates. Our job is to convince our Democrats and already-aligned independents to vote. And to give them the information they need to vote.

People who have busy lives and who don’t pay attention to politics respond most readily to personal conversations with someone in their community. And often they are extremely grateful for the information our volunteers provide (where, when, and how to vote). We need our precinct committee people and volunteers at the doors and on the phones, and talking about the election on their personal social media accounts and with their neighbors, colleagues, and friends. 

Here we were at Oktoberfest in Flagstaff yesterday: 

We’ll be on Aspen Street in front of City Hall near the Community Market this morning and every Sunday morning from now through the end of October. — Volunteer to be there!

Then, watch our news and calendar for a very special Dia de los Muertes GOTV Event in November.

Join Us for Our Last Party Meeting before Election Day! Get-Out-The-Vote StrategyVoter Protection PlansSpecial Guest: County Recorder Patty Hansen(and we never know which candidates might be in the neighborhood)
Celebration Plans and more!

At the Murdoch Center and on Zoom – Details here!

Bringing the Crisis Home

We need to talk about Democrats’ achievements (see above, the Democrats Deliver Campaign) but we also have to point out the extreme dangers MAGA Republicans pose for democracy and human rights. Two upcoming events will highlight issues that are motivating voters across the country. 

Women’s March 

Women’s March Flagstaff is offering a weekend of events in coordination with national demonstrations on October 8. Your county party is providing support for some of these events, and we will have volunteers registering voters and talking about our candidates at the City Hall Rally on Saturday. Mission for Arizona will be present with us to recruit canvassers and phone bankers. 

January 6 Justice: Our Freedoms, Our Vote Rally

We’re teaming up with Indivisible Northern Arizona to sponsor a local rally to highlight the findings of the January 6 House Investigative Committee. Again, this is a local event among hundreds of rallies to be held throughout the country, including in Tucson and Phoenix. Watch out calendar for more info coming soon.

Ice on Fire: DORR Film Club

Our friends at Democrats of the Red Rocks have a film club, and they will talk about the film Ice on Fire on October 7 at 5 pm. After the week in Florida, how can anyone doubt we’re in a climate crisis? For more info.


The party’s responsibility for voter protection has never been more important. Our volunteers are witnesses to the fact that we have fair elections. We need volunteers to be poll observers on Election Day and for Early Voting and to observe vote processing after the votes are in. If your heart lies in GOTV, do that before election day and volunteer for observation after!

Furthermore, we’re likely to need observers for recounts in our tight races — work that will take place in the first two weeks of December.

Our party chair appoints all observers but we are working closely with Mission for Arizona’s voter protection team to train observers and to make sure that reporting is coordinated. Mission for Arizona will conduct an observer training in person in our office this Thursday from Noon to 1:30. Pre-registration is required: Register here.

If you are unable to make the in-person training, there are virtual training options. Express interest in volunteering for voter protection activities by completing this form. 

Wendy Rogers Wins An Award

It’s a horror show to be represented by Wendy Rogers. During the Save Our Schools referendum work, she showed up in Flagstaff (not her home no matter what she claims) to encourage the harassment against our volunteers.  Then, she was caught encouraging Republican voters to disrupt voting on Election Day.  Now, she’s won an award for “best racist blowhard.”

On the bright side, those of you who live in her legislative district — the new LD7 — have an alternative. His name is Kyle Nitschke, and he’s running for AZ Senate. He’s also running the best campaign ever on campus for ALL Democrats. 


A great op-ed co-authored by past chair Harriet Young: 

Arizona Voices: Voting is your superpower for reproductive freedom

Why you shouldn’t get worked up about polls, but what inspiration you should take from trends:

Latest Polls


SOS Referendum Fails To Stave Off GOP Attack on Schools

Know Our Candidates and Theirs

Get to know our candidates and theirs. We’ve got a side-by-side comparison of the candidates on our website. View it here.

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members



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