Gun Safety Testimony Needed by Oct 4th

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Keep Hawaii #1 in Gun Safety 


HPD is soliciting comments from the public by noon October 4 regarding its proposed regulations resulting from the recent Supreme Court decision.




Thanks to all those who participated in Thursday’s Q&A session regarding the proposed amendments to HPD firearm rules.   There was robust discussion and several great suggestions for expanding our scope and reach. 


1) SUBMIT  TESTIMONY before Tuesday, Oct. 4.  SEE TALKING POINTS BELOW.  Officially they are accepting testimony until 12 noon but it would be best to get any written testimony in a few days early for them to review prior to the hearing.  Testimony can be submitted 
— via email at

— in person at the hearing
— by mail at HPD Alapai Headquarters, 801 S. Beretania St., Honolulu, HI 96813 (although the deadline may be too close for snail mail)

2) ATTEND THE HEARING  if you can to show support for regulations that maximize our safety.  We understand that the gun lobby will be there in force and the police need our support.  Attached is a copy of the notice on the HPD website summarizing the hearing agenda and providing further details for submitting testimony.

AFTER THE HEARING, we will work with the City Council on their proposed ordinance covering “sensitive sites”.   Mayor Blangiardi has already come out strongly in support of robust regulations regarding locations where firearms can and cannot be carried.   

We will send out further information on this as it develops.  We will also start working with members of the Leg in November (particularly the Chairs of the Judiciary Committees in the House and Senate).  There will likely be several bills addressing revisions to Hawaii’s laws on guns and the gun lobby will be a challenge.   



Comment on Proposed Rules to Chapter 15 (Chief of Police Rules)
Support and Request for Amendments to Protect Public Safety
Submitted by _________________________
Resident of Honolulu, Hawaii 
Hawaii’s leadership in gun safety has been a comfort to its residents.  I support the Police Chief’s efforts to continue protecting public safety through careful regulation of the public’s right to carry firearms in public, as recently mandated by the US Supreme Court.  The proposed rules provide a strong foundation to begin implementing this mandate, but I believe there are numerous areas where improvements are warranted.  As a result, I suggest 
Registration and Education: While travelers to Hawaii are required to inform the airline that they have an unloaded weapon in their checked luggage, that information is not conveyed to the State.  The State or the Country must develop a means of receiving this information at the point of entry.
Require immediate registration of firearms brought into the state by non-residents at the point of entry.  Firearm should be held and stored by HPD until background check is completed.   At the very least, require registration at HPD station within 72 hours of arrival.
At the time of registration, non-residents and residents need to acknowledge receipt of information about gun laws in HawaiiNon-residents specifically need to be informed that they are ineligible to secure a Hawaii license to carry in public. 
Require tourists to Inform hotels that they have a gun upon checking in. 
Safety Training:  Require more robust safety training, at least at the level New York has done, including 16 hours of in-person live classroom instruction conducted by a Duly Authorized Instructor, 80% score on a written test, and 2-hours of live-fire testing with 80% accuracy achieved.
Mental Health Background Checks: Assure a robust evaluation, including
o   Require applicants to submit a signed HIPAA authorization for release of psychiatric information from health care plans & health care providers; and require disclosure of the names of all health care providers who have diagnosed or treated the applicant for psychiatric disorders in the past 10 years; then send the HIPAA authorizations to health providers and health plans for psychiatric history 
o   Submit this psychiatric history information to a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, or advanced practice registered nurse for review and a clinical evaluation of at least one hour in length, to determine whether the applicant is mentally fit to possess and carry a firearm.  
o   An application should not be deemed complete for review until the psychiatric history information and clinical evaluation are obtained by HPD.
Criminal background checks: Require search of civil and criminal court records for requests for Temporary Restraining Orders, requests for “Red Flag” Orders, and cases involving threatened or actual abuse or violence, during the past 10 years. 
Liability Insurance:  Require acquisition of liability insurance for any damage for any bodily injury or property damage resulting from negligence in use, holstering or storage of the firearm.
Define “Sensitive Sites”: Support the Mayor’s efforts to broadly define “sensitive sites” where firearms may not be carried to include government buildings, schools, public parks, hospitals and health care facilities, public transportation, homeless shelters, stadiums, entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, libraries, daycare centers, playgrounds. 
Also support the inclusion of a “default” position for private property where the owner of the property must publicly affirm that firearms are allowed on the premises.
Secure storage: Applicants for a permit to acquire and license to carry must attest to maintaining safe storage for firearms during transport and at home where a minor is present.


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