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Here are some fact sheets from the White House that summarize the act:

Climate Provisions in IRA:

“When the Supreme Court restricted the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to fight climate change this year, the reason it gave was that Congress had never granted the agency the broad authority to shift America away from burning fossil fuels. Now it has. 
Throughout the landmark climate law, passed this month, is language written specifically to address the Supreme Court’s justification for reining in the E.P.A., a ruling that was one of the court’s most consequential of the term. 
The new law amends the Clean Air Act, the country’s bedrock air-quality legislation, to define the carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels as an ‘air pollutant.’
That language, according to legal experts as well as the Democrats who worked it into the legislation, explicitly gives the E.P.A. the authority to regulate greenhouse gases and to use its power to push the adoption of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources.”

IRA Timeline:

  • Suggestion is to focus on the OVERALL ways the IRA lowers costs and NOT focus on the timeline.
  • However, please reference this initial handy chart, from Axios, for important Health, Climate and Tax packages. Click here

Arizona Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, has an idea. She wants to fire the federal government.

It’s an interesting plan. Of course, it would be the end of Social Security, all Arizona military bases, federal student aid, and numerous other federal benefits that Arizonans might find well… important. 

That’s why the Lincoln Project dropped an ad explaining Kari Lake’s interesting new proposal. It’s currently playing in front of Arizona voters all across the state. It’s even playing at Lake’s campaign headquarters. We’re wondering if any of her young staffers receive federal student aid?

A different flavor of this great ad could be very effective in many other state’s gubernatorial races.
Click here for Fire the Feds ad


We are only 30 days away from some key swing states mailing out their ballots
NOW is the time to get trained and approved on these key platforms because they will stop training new folks and put all their manpower into the actual texting.

1. North Carolina
The state Democratic party just started texting a couple weeks ago, now doing Tues & Thurs at 12:30pm HST. They aren’t using Slack, just Zoom and they are very free-wheeling. They really could use help. They only had 20 texters and 8 of us were from Hawaii!!! The senate race with Cheri Beasley as our candidate is a toss up.
Sign up here:

2. Arizona
The state Democratic party, aka Mission for Arizona, is texting. But their training schedule is TBA. Those of us that text for them will monitor their Slack and post on the Indivisible Hawaii when training is available. We texted with them this week, but it was unclear whether they were training anyone or not.

3. Democratic National Committee (DNC)
aka Organize Everywhere. I highly recommend you get trained on their platform as soon as possible. They have ramped up and now text Monday through Friday. The dates and times of future texting events are on their Slack which you can see once you are onboarded. After you are trained, you go to Slack at a date and time that suits you. The texting assignment shows up and that is when you find out what state it is. As intensity increases, they will text to multiple states in one day. In 2021, we texted to VA and NJ on the same day. The DNC will be texting to those states that do not have their own robust texting programs, like Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada and may supplement N Carolina and Arizona’s efforts.
Sign up here:

4. Pennsylvania Dems (PA Dems)
John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro are doing nicely against Dr Oz and Doug Mastriano. PA Dems texting were on hiatus for part of August. But they have an event Aug 30th. Sign up here:

PA Dems will resume their normal Tues/Sat texting schedule on Sept 6th. 9am HST

As usual, feel free to call/email Keith Richmond if you have issues or questions. 808-383-2087,

Don’t wake up Nov 9th and wish you had done more!



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