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Time To Listen To Some Music!

Let’s get together Saturday night and celebrate the new, blue trajectory this Midterm Election is taking! What a set of accomplishments President Biden and the Democrats in Congress have racked up in a mere 18 months in office. Imagine what can be accomplished if we give them another two years! 

Biden’s Achievements Approach FDR’s

Have a friend who complains? Here’s a chance to keep them sane!  We will listen to some music, hear from our LD-7 Senate Candidate Kyle Nitschke, then discuss ways to help Kyle and Congressman Tom O’Halleran win this election!

Admission is FREE. (Not a fundraiser.)
7 pm at the Murdoch Center.
Performances from Crys Matthews & Pete Kronowitt – nationally renowned folk musicians on an Arizona tour.

Spread the word, and we’ll see you there!  Read more here.

We Can Stop MAGA & WIN

On August 9, we co-sponsored a virtual event with True Majority – NYC and other Swing Left affiliates around the country. At that point, the media was forecasting a Red Wave for November, but we heard directly from the founder of the New Democrat Network think tank, Simon Rosenberg, how that was about to change. And in barely more than a week, the narrative has shifted. Even in deep-red Florida, the Democratic Senate candidate, Val Demmings is suddenly polling 4 points above Marco Rubio and Democrats are on the road to expanding their majority in the U.S. Senate. Listen to the 28-minute excerpt of Simon Rosenberg’s prescient talk.

Here in Arizona, the Republican Primary Election produced a full slate of MAGA candidates. Technically, not quite: Candidate Tom Horne (seeking to unseat wildly accomplished State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Hoffman) doesn’t have Trump’s endorsement, but he touts the endorsement of Joe Arpaio, which is only second best. And Kimberly Yee, seeking to hold on as the GOP State Treasurer against strong challenger State Senator Martin Quezada, has so far been overlooked by the felon-in-chief, but she achieved her own special notoriety earlier this month when the New York Times printed an expose of Republican State Treasurers who have formed a cabal to thwart favorable climate action. The rest of the slate proudly displays their Trump endorsement:

Blake Masters is trying to unseat Senator Mark Kelly with pathetic back-peddling on his extreme and long-held position that Social Security should be repealed or privatized. He’s too extreme on abortion, as a recent Kelly commercial pounds home. And apparently, the Republican Senate Campaign Committee sees him as a losing proposition since they withdrew a $2 million dollar ad commitment on his behalf this week. 

Eli Crane is a self-styled “entrepreneur” who got his seed money on a reality TV show and made a small fortune marketing a can opener that looks like a large bullet. This beer-and-bullets guy doesn’t even live in the district but he’s trying to take on popular Congressman Tom O’Halleran, promising to vote the straight MAGA platform of dismantling government, overturning the 2020 election, and banning all abortions.

For Governor, the AZ GOP has produced Kari Lake, and what a production she is. She’s not only endorsed by Trump but also Mike Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, the Pillow Guy, and a whole host of MAGA characters that she displays on her website. Meanwhile, our candidate, Katie Hobbs, is on the trail demonstrating what effective governors look like.

For Secretary of State, we have former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes against Jan. 6 mob participant Mark Finchem

Kris Mayes, with a wealth of experience in state government, is trouncing the MAGA Attorney General Candidate Abe Hamadeh.

And, here in LD-7, Oathkeeper Wendy Rogers, proudly touting Trump’s endorsement,  faces off against Kyle Nitschke.

We reviewed all these primary results and more at our Coconino Monthly Action Meeting on August 13. And we talked about all the ways our PCs and volunteers can work to win this Midterm Election. We are literally days (56) away from the beginning of early voting, and folks at the meeting were ready to get to work. If you are ready, sign up for one of the canvassing or phone banking events on our website — there is no time to lose!

Candidate Review Slides from August Training Meeting

Education Remains A Major Concern

Education motivates our voters, who know that good schools make good citizens and a strong economy. Unfortunately, thanks to the Arizona GOP, we have too few good schools and are losing good teachers by the score. State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman spoke to our Action Meeting on August 13 about how she is fighting against the Republican tidal wave of opposition to good education. We also heard from two Flagstaff Democrats who are running for FUSD School Board — Eric Sather and Christine Pavlik. 

Last month, we joined with the Arizona Democratic Party in endorsing the referendum to stop voucher expansion. Read about the campaign.  We are assisting volunteers who are circulating petitions to get the referendum on the ballot in 2024 and stop the legislation that would expand voucher availability to all students in the meantime. You can circulate a petition to your family and neighbors — stop by our office to pick one up, then bring it back. We’ll notarize it and get return it to the Save our Schools Campaign. 

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


Laugh of the Week

Doug Ducey spent $10 million of our taxpayer dollars to fill some gaps in the border wall (which Kelly had already obtained money to do). More focused on the press release than the engineering, he and his team woke up the day after installation to this:


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