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I participate in a number of weekly national progressive calls. One in particular, Progressive Mobilization, lead by Bob Creamer and Heather Booth, has participants from leaders of many different progressive organizations. 

Today I’m sharing a number of links to important messages to help us Save our Democracy. Please take a look.

Tracker for all major Biden executive actions taken
Obviously, we’ll keep pushing to get more things on this list, but it’s still worth checking out, and a handy tool.
Brookings Institution Click here

Uplifts for Inflation Reduction Act
From Heather Booth, Progressive Mobilization
First, this New York Magazine story provides point by point pushback on the JCT’s (Joint Committee on Taxation) claim that the proposed legislation raises taxes on Americans making less than $400k/year: 

  • Republicans Say Biden’s Plan Taxes the Middle Class. That’s False. Click here
     “The false assertion that Manchin’s deal raises taxes on the middle class combines a series of fallacies. First, the study, performed at the behest of Senate Republicans, analyzes only a portion of the bill. It omits all the benefits from the tax credits for health care, green energy, and lower prescription drug savings…Second, and far more importantly, the partial analysis does not actually find that the plan increases taxes on the middle class. It is an analysis of the burden of a proposal, which would establish a 15 percent minimum corporate income tax on firms with income over $1 billion.” 
  • @jonathanchait: The JCT analysis finds Biden’s plan would harm the middle class, if you ignore all the ways it helps the middle class. It does not say it raises taxes on the middle class.

Second, please share this analysis by Moody’s Analytics about the positive impact the legislation will have on our economy by lifting these two tweets: 

  • In new analysis obtained by @CNN , Moody’s Analytics finds the Manchin & Schumer-backed Inflation Reduction Act will “nudge the economy and inflation in the right direction, while meaningfully addressing climate change and reducing the government’s budget deficits.”
  • The legislation will have a “material beneficial economic impact” and the corporate tax hikes “should not have an appreciable impact on the economy,” especially b/c the effective corp. rate has steadily declined for decades

Who is Trump?  
From Steven Schmidt, Co-founder of The Lincoln Project, Click here

Small snippet from Steven’s article

Personally, I think the comparisons are inappropriate because we know how the Hitler story ended. There is nothing new to learn, and there never will be about that. That is not the case with Trump. We have no idea what he will do. Only a fool would underestimate his bottomless capacity to create a global catastrophe.

Who is Donald Trump? He is an American fascist and political extremist who detests democracy and wants power to punish his enemies. He is a lot like his fellow fascist Hitler in that regard, with the exception of Hitler being from Austria, not Queens.
People laughed at Hitler. He was called a buffoon and frowned upon. He was written off by the elites – who then scrambled for his favor. He was put in power by a grotesque mix of cowardice, blindness and transactional opportunities. He was put in power to defend the family, fight inflation, stop the communists and restore law and order. The rest is history.

Who is Trump? He keeps trying to tell us, but many of us won’t listen and won’t hear. Understanding what happened in Germany between 1918 and 1945 might be the singularly most important lesson for human beings who were born afterwards to understand. Americans would be well-served to know more as they look at Trump as he eyes 2024

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