Tell our Senators: NO to forced-birther judges

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Biden is still considering nominating an extremist, anti-abortion rights judge:
The news broke recently that Biden was set to nominate Chad Meredith, a Federalist Society judge with an extreme anti-abortion rights record, to a federal judgeship on the day Roe v. Wade was overturned. Though there’s been public fury from abortion rights supporters, all indications are that Biden is still considering nominating Meredith to this lifetime appointment. But we have two senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee who have a powerful voice on judicial matters. We want them to speak up and tell Biden this is unacceptable!

Sen. Feinstein supports a filibuster carve-out for abortion rights
“Let me be clear: If it comes down to protecting the filibuster or protecting a woman’s right to choose, there should be no question that I will vote to protect a woman’s right to choose.”
We’re really glad Sen. Feinstein made this clear statement. She’s been very reluctant to call for an end to the filibuster in the past for any issue. But we know the demand from us and others to stake out a position have had an effect. Keep it up!

Our Senators can push Biden to defend abortion rights:

President Biden’s executive order Friday to protect abortion rights was welcome, if belated. He’s got options to go much further. We want our Senators to let him know his work isn’t done- he needs to treat this blow to our rights with the urgency it requires. We’re asking Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Padilla to push him with a few specific actions he could take:

  • Call for a “whole of government response”: have every federal agency evaluate what it can do to protect and expand abortion access
  • Have the FDA lift restrictions on abortion pills; these regulations are medically unnecessary and imposed only for political reasons
  • Declare a public health emergency, which could “free up funds to assist patients traveling out of state, relax rules around licensing, and give the federal government leeway to protect abortion access in other ways.”
  • Allow abortions on federal lands and federal healthcare centers. “With the FDA’s approval of medication abortion, there’s a strong argument that state abortion bans, at least as applied to medication abortion, do not apply on federal land.”

Our pressure has a real chance of helping shift the federal response (and deciding whether an extremist judge is appointed or not). Keep calling! Sample call scripts are below.

Sunday, July 17, 3-5 p.m. Phonebank for Nevada/Arizona (your choice!)

Join us on Zoom as we make calls for Arizona (Mitzi Epstein) or Nevada (Sen. Cortez Masto and Gov. Sisolak). These are critical races in key swing states. Early calls identify supporters and volunteers. You will make a difference!

We start with an informative introduction. Then, we break into small groups to give beginners the one-on-one help they need. Trained and experienced volunteers are always on hand to answer your questions. And we always celebrate our collective success at the end!

Sign up here:

Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Padilla: No forced-birther judges; tell Biden to protect abortion rights

Example call script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Senator [Feinstein/Padilla]. My zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling to say that I’m furious that President Biden would think of nominating an extremist, anti-abortion rights Federalist Society judge. Sen. [Feinstein/Padilla] should tell him that [she/he] will vote NO for any anti-abortion rights candidates and that he should not nominate Chad Meredith for a federal judgeship.

Sen. [Feinstein/Padilla] also needs to publicly call on Biden to take executive action to help people access abortion care. Specifically, I’d like the Senator to ask President Biden to declare a health emergency; to call for a whole of government response to find ways to protect abortion access; to have the FDA lift its restrictions on abortion pills; and to allow abortions on federal lands and federal healthcare centers. Thank you.

Optional for Sen. Feinstein:
I was glad to see Sen. Feinstein clearly state that she would not protect the filibuster over protecting abortion rights. It’s a step in the right direction, thank you!

If you’re interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo:

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