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June 30, 2022

What an incredibly busy month this has been for our (mostly volunteer) organization!  We worked at every festival and community event in Flagstaff, gathering signatures for citizen initiative petitions and registering voters. That meant popping up tents every weekend in the month — sometimes at more than one place. We were at the Tuba City Flea Market weekly. We held petition signing events in Ashfork, Grand Canyon, Williams, Doney Park, our front porch in Flagstaff, and the driveways and porches of many around town. We helped organize a march and rally the day the Supreme Court announced its Dobbs opinion. We launched a lit drop project to reach people who need to be nudged to vote in midterms and helped Mission for Arizona get volunteers to canvass, train for voter protection, and phone bank. And, this week, we started to build our float for the 4th of July Parade and tried to figure out how much ice cream to buy for the post-parade party.

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered. If you haven’t yet, please step up now and save our activists from burnout! We need all hands on deck to win the coming election.


In the midst of all this activity, our website broke! Thank you to everyone who contributed to cover the cost of the expert help we needed to get it up and running. It’s now faster than ever! 

District 2 Supervisors’ Forum Tonight

If you live in District 2 (Foxglenn, East side north of Route 66, Southside, and the Timberline neighborhood north of Flagstaff), you won’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the candidates. This race will be determined in the Democratic Primary Election on August 2. 

4:30 — informal meet and greet with the candidates.

5:00 – 6:30 pm – Forum discussion

At the Murdoch Center, or listen in on Facebook Live

Independence Day

We have a star-studded lineup of statewide and local candidates joining our entry in the Flagstaff Independence Day Parade this coming Monday. If you want to help in float building, flag-carrying, and related parade activities, give us a call today! (928-214-0393). Otherwise, cheer loudly as we pass by! Then plan to join us on the porch at 201 E. Birch (west side of the building) for our famous Ice Cream Social, beginning when the parade ends. 

Help!  We Need to Get the Word Out

It’s just a fact that many people who vote in Presidential Election years don’t vote in Midterms. But we need to hold Congress — keeping our Senate and Congressional seats blue is key to that. We also need to install a Governor with a veto pen to balance the radical, Republican-controlled legislature. Let’s face it, life would be a whole lot better with more Democrats in all offices. 

Right now we are engaged in a lit drop project targeting voters (and unregistered citizens) who are likely to vote for Democrats if only we can get them to the polls. We’re not asking you to talk to people — just hang a beautiful, informative piece of literature on their doors. We’ve already placed these in Tusayan and Flagstaff, but there is more to go.  We have batches of 25 doors or 300 doors and everything in between. Write to us at if you’d like to volunteer. (Some of our regulars use this as their workout — “it’s good exercise.”) 

Abortion Rights Rally This Saturday

We’ve partnered with Arizona Students Association and other local groups to offer a rally and info session on abortion rights this Saturday from 4 pm – 6 pm. Speakers, resource info, and sign-waving. Flagstaff City Hall Lawn.

A Few Days to Go on Voter Initiatives
Our PCs and volunteers have been collecting signatures for citizen initiatives related to Voting Rights, Campaign Finance, Healthcare, and Abortion Rights. The deadline to get enough signatures to get all of these important issues on the ballot is right after the 4th of July. Coconino has done and continues to do more than its fair share. We’ve gathered signatures at events in Flagstaff, Tuba City, Williams, Ashfork, and Grand Canyon. Even Republicans want to sign these. 

This week, we have opportunities to sign on the porch of our building from 11-2 pm, through Friday. We’ll also have petitions at the Supervisors’ Forum Thursday, the Abortion Rights Rally on Saturday, and the Ice Cream Social on July 4. 

To accommodate circulators during the last weeks of these campaigns, we added some notary hours outside of our normal office hours. As we gathered petition signatures, we also registered new voters and helped people update their voter registration. 

Voucher Expansion
One of the last acts of the Republican-controlled legislature was to expand vouchers to every student in Arizona. Practically, only the wealthy can afford to use them and they strip money from public schools. This was rejected by voters before and we expect a referendum will be forthcoming again. We will stand will teachers and public school supporters to gather signatures for this referendum. Stay tuned.

Volunteer for Voter Protection in This Year’s Elections

Want to be a poll observer, voter hotline volunteer, or tabulation observer?  The first step is to fill out this general information form.

ICYMI Day 3: Don’t Call Them Heros Channel Your Rage

Another Reminder

Remember to share information from our Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you are not on Twitter, the feed appears at the bottom of the homepage on our website.

We Are Doing a Lot — We Need Your Help!

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