Warning: Final Maps Mean We Need to Get Activated

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Redistricting Final

The final Congressional and State Senate maps drawn up by a consultant and approved by an upstate Republican judge are out and the results aren’t pretty. 

The reverberations are playing out across the state. Numerous congressional districts in the Hudson Valley and Long Island are battlegrounds – several are ripe for a GOP pickup. Newly drawn NY-17, right here in Westchester, is only listed as lean Democratic, making it vulnerable for Democrats

Here’s what else it means for Westchester:

  • Westchester will encompass Congressional Districts 16 & 17. You can check out the maps by clicking here.
  • Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney announced he’s vacating NY-18 to run in NY-17. State Senator Alessandra Biaggi announced she is running against Rep. Maloney in the primary. 
  • Rep. Mondaire Jones, who currently represents NY-17, is leaving Westchester and will be running in NY-10 in NYC.
  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman is running for reelection in NY-16. He faces a primary by Westchester County Legislators Vedat Gashi and Catherine Parker.
  • State Senate maps were also redrawn to favor the GOP. Our Democratic incumbents here at home look safe. However, these new lines mean it will be a battle for Democrats to hold onto their super majority in the State Legislature.

According to Elections Daily, “NY-01 and NY-02 are rated as Likely Republican. The new NY-03 is also on the board now, as we rate it as Leans Democratic. Nicole Malliotakis’s 11th district now goes off the board as we move the seat Safe Republican. Upstate, the new lines there have us rating the new NY-17 as Likely Democratic. Both NY-18 and 19 are rated as Tossups now under new lines and without incumbents. The new NY-22 also goes to Tossup; it is only Biden +7, right in the range of competitiveness. Every other seat is considered safe for the party that currently holds the seat.”

Mark your calendars, there will be TWO PRIMARY DATES this summer.

  • The primary for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate and State Assembly are set for June 28th.
  • The Congressional and State Senate primaries will be on August 23rd.

Elections Matter 2022 Edition: Midterms & More

Click here to register for a Zoom on May 24th @ 7PM about how to get activated with activist Amy Siskind.

Register Today for Meeting with Sen. Schumer

An upcoming Indivisible Statewide meeting with Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer is on Tuesday, May 31st @ 8PM. Click here to register.

School Board Elections Recap

“Fiery rhetoric mostly fizzled” at the ballot box, as local school board elections showed, with a few exceptions here in Westchester County – notably in Eastchester. LoHud breaks it down for us in this article. Thank you for voting!

Advocating for New York State Legislation for TODAY

Crediting our friends at Indivisible New Rochelle for this list of statewide actions as the session begins to draw to a close.

For these NY State Actions, we need you to grab these scripts and then use this LINK to call or email your senator, your assembly member and more as noted for the following.

Voting/Election Legislation- In addition, call Speaker Heastie

Dear << ….>>. Thank you for supporting the “wrong church” bill. Please support or continue to support the following bills to ensure that as many people who want can effectively vote, to maximize participation, and to safeguard our electoral process. With the challenges our party now faces with the new district maps, these bills are more important than ever.  

  • John Lewis Voting Rights Act A6678a/S1046a
  • A8560-C/S6197-C which would move November elections in towns, villages, and counties to even-numbered years
  • Voting Machine Standards and Hybrid Machine Ban A1115-C/S309-B

Reproductive Rights bills (more details at this LINK).

Dear << ….>>. Please support or continue to support every available bill to ensure that women in NY State continue to have access to legal and safe abortion. With the pending Federal Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade, these bills are more important than ever.

  • NYS Equality Amendment (S8797)
  • Abortion Access Fund (A1926/S758)
  • Freedom and Equity Program bill (A10148/S9078)

As we face the consequences of taking away women’s rights, please be sure to accelerate consideration of these bills

  • Fire Hate Act (S90309/A10094)
  • Bills for protecting providers: S8777/A9627, S8778/A9615, S8779/A9613
  • Abortion Provider Medical Malpractice Protection (A9718/S9080)
  • Medication Abortion at SUNY A3322
  • Abortion Provider Licensure Protection (S9079A/A9687A)
  • Extradition and Procedural Cooperation Protections (A10375/S9077)
  • Cause of Action (A10365/S9265)
  • Abortion Provider and Patient Protections A10116
  • A1125-A/S6698 (Paulin/Stavisky) – increases access to birth control/contraceptive drugs

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