The CA legislature is moving fast!

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Hello Indivisible Venturans! Welcome to…wait…is it only Tuesday?

Keep ahead of us at! We get behind, keeping the calendar up, the voter guide updated and all these pesky actions our colleagues want us to share! So here’s today’s news, fast and rough. 


More CA bills – maybe they thought no one would notice these attacks on rooftop solar…

Seriously, what the hell is going on up in Sacramento that these bills are getting to the floor? Call your CA state legislators and remind them to vote “NO” on these two sneaky bills to undermine rooftop solar.

Time to pay attention to state bills!

Legislation is rushing through both CA chambers’ for their floor votes, and as usual, some great bills are being crushed and some turds are floating to the top. Time to amplify the voices of our allies! We’ve made the calls as short as possible and yes, you can combine them.
Action #1: BRADY – Call for better gun laws!
Action #2: SIERRA CLUB – Two “YES” and one “NO!”
Action #3: NARAL-PRO-Choice California – Push all thirteen bills through!
Action #4: “Best intentions” meets the internet and makes a horrible voter-fraud baby!


Tuesday– 05/24/2022 – VENTURA – “Comment on YES on A & B at Next Supervisors’ Meeting” (9:00 am PT)

Come and join this group, who will share with the Board of Supervisors in Open Comment what they are going to defend the health and safety regulations they adopted last winter. Prepare to speak for 1-3 minutes about the significance of this referendum.

Let’s appreciate the board members that adopted the ordinances for health and safety review of new oil drilling. Give a story about what it means to you that the YES position win in the referendum.

  • In-Person Public Comment To give verbal comment in person during the meeting, you may pre-register at You will receive an automated email from Zoom which confirms your registration. You will not need the Zoom connection information provided in the confirmation Email.
    • Upon arrival at the Board Hearing Room in the Admin. Building, Government Center at 800 Victoria, check-in with the Clerk of the Board staff. When your name is called, proceed to the podium. Be there before the close of the public comment period. If you do not preregister but would like to provide in-person comments at the meeting, check in with the Clerk of the Board staff prior to the agenda item being called.


  • INTRO: State your first and last name and what city or town you reside in. One sentence overview or “ask”.
  • WHY: How will this decision impact you personally or the greater good?
  • MORE DETAIL:  outside references or your own expertise/view
  • CLOSING: Reiterate your position. Thank them for their attention.

Additional Pointers

  • BE CONCISE: Writing out your comment and timing yourself before the meeting will help ensure that you hit all of the points you need to hit within your allotted time. Try to stick to no more than three topics/points in your comment.
  • SPEAK SLOWLY: By speaking slowly, you will be heard and understood by all. Offiials want to hear you; they know you’re taking time out of your day to speak. The recorder needs to understand what you are saying for the public record. 
  • CONNECT YOURSELF TO THE DECISION: Decision-makers want to know what the impacts of their actions will be on people or what they value. Mention if a policy or action will directly impact to you and your family, or if you have expertise in a certain industry or profession.

Facebook link:

Share with your neighbors, friends and others! Next weekend, the social justice fair is back at Oxnard College’s Swap Meet.

The new Facebook event postings are up for the May 29th fair! 
– New website!
– Swap Meet Justice Citizenship and Family Resource Fair and Expungement Clinic:
– Swap Meet Justice Expungement Clinic – County of Ventura Public Defender

PHONEBANKS, TEXT BANKS, POSTCARDS, YARD SIGNSGet a yard sign for “YES” on Measures A & B sign. Don’t have a yard? Tape it in a street-facing window!
Come get a yard sign! See the map in the link below for private and public pickup locations. PUBLIC LOCATIONS You may stop in during designated hours. See map for address. Ojai: Nutmeg’s Ojai House (boutique), daily 11-6 pm Santa Paula: CAUSE Office, Tue, Wed, Thu 9-6, Sat, 9-9:30 Ventura: VC-SAFE/FWW Office, Mon, Tue, Wed, 10-4, Sat 9-9:30 Oxnard: GOOD Club Office, most days 12-4 pm See map below for addresses of public locations. PRIVATE LOCATIONS Fill out the form at the link below to generate an email to our yard sign distribution coordinator Kristen. She will email you with the private pickup address for the area in which you reside. Please allow 48 hours for her response

Tuesday – 05/24/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANK – “GOTV in North Carolina and Georgia” (3:00pm – 5:00pm PT)

Early voting begins on April 28th for the May 17th primary in North Carolina, and we are calling Black voters to make voting easier for historically disenfranchised communities. Join us and we will walk you through the process of making these phone calls, which you can do on your own time after being trained.

Beginning phone banker? We start with a training for anyone who needs it. You can also train yourself beforehand by watching this video.

Experienced? You can start making these calls immediately and pop back into the zoom with any questions along the way.

You can also make these calls on your own time 9am-8pm within the target state’s time zone – no need to wait for an event!

For more information about this phone bank, please visit

Mobilize link:

You Can Make a Difference! Do you want to help Democrats win in the 2022 elections?  You can write Get Out The Vote (GOTV) postcards to help get Democratic voters to the polls!  Studies have shown that receiving a colorful postcard with a short punchy message is the most effective way to persuade a voter to get to the polls.

Indivisible Ventura is working with Postcards to Swing States (PSS) to coordinate GOTV postcarding focused on Senate races in swing states.  PSS identifies the campaigns, writes the message, and provides the voter names and addresses. We will provide the cards and, if needed, the stamps.

If you want to participate, please send an email to  We will add you our writer roster and email you a description of the campaigns we are currently running.  You decide which campaigns you want to join and specify the number of cards you want.  If you live locally, you may collect your supplies from my address in Ventura.  We can also will snail mail your packet to you. Resist every damn day! 

– Debby Millais, Postcard CoordinatorEXTRA CREDIT

FILL OUT YOUR BALLOT – Indivisible Ventura’s Voting Guide for the 2022 Primary Election

We’ve been given links to the authoritarian hijinks happening over at Rob McCoy’s Godspeak/ / “Free Ventura” events. 
Help! We need help getting timestamps for all the candidates featured in these videos.



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