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PEG 12th Congressional District Newsletter 264

Turning back the clock: Roe vs. Wade on the brink

According to Robert Hubbell’s email, Justice Samuel Alito has taken the law into his own hands, arguing in a leaked brief that “the absence of a ‘deeply rooted tradition’ precludes constitutional protection for the right of women to obtain abortions.” Although the Supreme Court has not yet voted on this issue, it appears that at the least, the three Trump appointees—Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrettt—will support Alito’s leaked brief. Of course, there is a deeply rooted tradition: Women have had the right to obtain abortions for almost 50 years, based on the Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973. There’s a deeply rooted entitlement as well: The millions of women born in the last 50 years have come to assume the right to a medical abortion. Many older women remember the nightmare when abortion was forbidden. (Seventy percent of American women say, when polled, that they support Roe vs. Wade.)                                                                 

The travesty of Alito’s ruling has fired up Democrats, whose party has long been committed to abortion rights. In the few days since Alito’s brief was leaked, it’s clear Democrats will make it a cornerstone of their mid-term campaigns this year. There’s renewed talk of packing the Supreme Court and a re-focus of their energies on campaigns for the state houses where a few votes can make a big difference. According to the Michigan Resistance newsletter, the fight for legal abortion in Michigan is congealing around the ballot proposal, REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM FOR ALL. Dems and other progressive groups need to gather 425,000 in order to put it on the ballot. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned and we fail to get the requisite signatures, a 1931 law banning abortion in Michigan will become law again. In other words, Democrats need to fight like hell to save their right to an abortion in their state.                          

The following is a limited list of the locations where you can sign the petition, REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM FOR ALL.        

Common Decency Drive-Thru Pop Up Petition Buffet, Bryant Park,1101 Peninsula Drive,Traverse City, MI 49686. RSVP Here

  • Saturday, May 14. Noon–4 pm
  • Saturday, May 21. Noon–4 pm

Signature Collection, Fulton Street Market Grand Rapids, MI. RSVP Here.

  • Saturday, May 14. 10 am–1 pm

Benzie Democrats, 9330 Honor Hwy, Beulah, MI 49617. RSVP Here.

  • Monday, May 16. Noon–3 pm
  • Tuesday, May 17. Noon–3 pm
  • Thursday, May 19. Noon–3 pm

Petitions in the Park, Rotary Park in Ludington, 500 W. Ludington Avenue, Ludington, MI 49431. RSVP Here.

  • Sunday, May 15th 12:30-3:30pm

Tulip Time Festival, 42 W. 8th Street, Holland MI 49423. RSVP Here. 

  • Friday, May 13. 8 am – 5 pm
  • Saturday, May 14. 8 am–5 pm
  • Sunday, May 15. 8 am–5 pm

Grand Blanc-McFarlen Public Library, 515 Perry Road, Grand Blanc, MI 48439

  • Sunday, May 22. Noon–3 pm

Biden says “A woman’s right to choose is fundamental.”


Share information about these petitions and discourage others from signing. Learn more here bit.ly/3v7vA3F and tracker at Bridge MI

MICHIGAN UNITEDCommonly known as “Good Time Credit”, this measure would establish credits that reduce sentences for those who earn degrees or work in prison, among other provisions.LET MI KIDS LEARNEducators within the coalition argued Wednesday the measure would drain money a public education system and offer tax breaks to wealthy donors.
PROMOTE THE VOTE 2022Offers flexibility for voters to cast their ballots, makes elections more accessible, saves early votingSECURE MI VOTEThis measure proposed would add safeguards to the election process and to protect minority voters. This is aimed to suppress the votes of minorities.
REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM FOR ALLMakes reproductive freedom a right, repeals a 1931 law that makes abortion a felony.UNLOCK MICHIGAN IIThis would limit the length of emergency orders from state or local health officials to 28 days. This measure puts the power to limit emergency measures in the hands of the legislature rather than in the hands of the experts.
RAISE THE WAGE MIThe measure would increase Michigan’s $9.87 minimum wage to $15 per hour over five years, starting at $11 in 2023AUDIT MIThe petition would force a “forensic audit” of the 2020 election and change how Michigan conducts audits after elections. 

Events and Classifieds

Visit the PEG website for the full list of Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 12. Voting Down-Ballot Elections with WeRoc

This is virtual panel discussion three (of four) by Washtenaw Regional Organizing Coalition (WeROC). Washtenaw County decision makers will share information and respond to questions from local citizens with time for audience Q&As. Click here to register.  For details on each session, click here. And download and share the event flyer here. 6:30 pm

Saturday, May 14, Bans Off Our Bodies marches 

See times/places for some events below. For more locations, check HERE. The Supreme Court is making their official decision on abortion rights in June. Once that happens, 26 states could move quickly to ban abortion, meaning millions of people could live without local access to abortion care. Roe has always been the floor, not the ceiling. Many Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color experience barriers to accessing safe and affordable abortions. The people in your community and across the country deserve the power and freedom to make their own personal reproductive health care decisions. Millions are acting now all across the country to send a strong message that they’re not backing down. Supporting abortion access must be protected and defended.

Ann Arbor with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

Sign up HERE for more details. 2-4 pm

Detroit with Women’s March

Sign up HERE for more details. 1-4:30 pm

Theodore Levin United States Courthouse

231 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226

Toledo with Women’s March

Sign up HERE for more details. 11:30 am-1:30 pm

3301 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43606

Flint with Women’s March

Sign up HERE for more details. 1-6 pm

125 E Kearsley St, Flint, MI 48502

Be a paid election inspector. Deadline is May 15!

Democratic election inspectors (paid poll workers) are needed to assist the municipal clerks in Washtenaw County for the 2022 election cycle. Election officials ensure that election laws are followed and that voters are not intimidated. The Big Lie is still very much alive in Michigan, and Republicans are doing everything they can to suppress votes and create chaos in voting and vote counting. But, you can help. Get the skinny on what election inspectors do, then email chair@washtenawdems.org to volunteer. Time is short since the township and village/city clerks must be informed by May 15.

Things to do

“DTE is set on ending the residential solar industry in Michigan” – State Senator Jeff Irwin

In January, DTE filed a 672-page proposal with the Michigan Public Service Commission to raise rates and “amend its… rules governing the distribution and supply of electric energy.” According to NPR, this proposal would put rooftop solar out of the reach of future residential customers. DTE would charge a “distributed generation,” i.e., a fee based on the three highest 60-minute demands for electricity the previous year. There would be no way for a customer to know what the charge will be. DTE also wants to impose two new monthly fees only on solar owners. These are called “Demand Charges.” The amount will vary per solar owner but for most it will be about $65 per month according to the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.

In addition, DTE is also proposing to halve the amount of money solar customers would receive for exporting their excess solar energy onto the grid, i.e., from 8 cents per KWH to 4 cents. [On average, customers pay 17.86 cents per KWH) per Michigan League of Conservation Voters. To note, Michigan has an arbitrary 1% cap on rooftop solar. House Bill 4236 would eliminate the cap but has been held up in the Michigan legislature for years.

Michigan State Senator Jeff Irwin wrote a letter to the Michigan Public Service Commission. and urges Michigan residents to do similarly at mpscedockets@michigan.govLet them know you want them to reject DTE’s solar proposal in rate case U-20836.

Things to read, watch, and listen to

Michigan State Senator Jeff Irwin explains House Joint Resolution R…which proposes an amendment to the state constitution to require financial disclosures (one way to curb dark money) and to modify limitations on terms of office of state legislators.
Per his Facebook post, “Moments ago, the Michigan Senate voted to put HJR R on the ballot for this November.This constitutional amendment, if approved by voters, will require financial disclosure by candidates for Legislative offices and the Governor (and the Lt Gov, AG, and Secretary of State.) Michigan is one of a couple states that have no financial disclosure laws for legislators. Fixing this problem is why I voted yes to put this on the ballot. The proposal also changes how term limits function in Michigan. This measure would allow candidates to run for either House or Senate for up to 12 years. The current term limit is 3 terms (6 years) in the House and 2 terms in the Senate (8 years.) This proposal would essentially allow a person to serve up to 12 years in either the House or Senate.”Here is the full text of the resolution, and more.
Election Season Cheat Sheet: The Washtenaw County Clerk’s webpage enumerates in detail the elections, proposals and candidates to date. A few of the important dates are listed below.What are the remaining election dates in 2022?August 2 – State Primary as well as proposals that are not yet “official” – including the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority proposalNovember 8 – State General Election What are the voter registration deadlines?Visit MichiganGov/Vote to registerJuly 18: Last day to register in any manner other than in-person with the local clerk for the August primary. (168.497)July 19: through 8 pm on August 2 In-person registration with local clerk with proof of residency. (168.497)October 24: Last day to register in any manner other than in-person with the local clerk for the November general election. (168.497)October 25 through 8 pm on November 8: In-person registration with local clerk with proof of residency. (168.497)What are the deadlines for submission of ballot proposals?By 5 pm, June 1: petitions to place a legislative initiative proposal on the November general election ballot filed with the Secretary of State (340,047 valid signatures required). (168.471)By 5 pm, July 11: Petitions to place a proposed constitutional amendment on the November general election ballot filed with the Secretary of State (425,059 valid signatures required). (168.471)

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