Democrats seek PA House rematches with fair maps

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Fair redistricting has Republican gerrymandering of the PA General Assembly – and Democrats have a historic opportunity to take back control and stop Republicans from banning abortion and stealing PA’s electoral votes. We have some familiar faces running again in 2022 but this time we’re doing it on fair maps!

When Paul Friel (PA-HD26) ran for PA House in 2020, he lost a Republican-drawn district that voted for Donald Trump by 4 points.

Now, Paul’s BACK for a red-to-blue rematch in a new district that chose Biden by 13 points.

Today, we’re highlighting Paul and 4 other returning PA candidates who didn’t give up the fight. Can you donate to help them WIN races under brand-new district lines?

Meet the candidates we’re highlighting today:

Cathy Spahr (PA-HD160 Chester/Delco) is a mom of twins, transportation planner and environmental advocate running to flip a district that has trended in favor of Democrats. Cathy is a fierce advocate for women’s rights, including equal pay, reproductive health, and extended maternity leave, and for the development and funding of programs that address the illegal drug epidemic that has gripped PA. 

Dana Hamp Gulick (PA-HD96 Lancaster) left an abusive husband, taking her daughter to a women’s shelter before a union grocery job and Pennsylvania’s social safety net helped hre get back on her feet. She’s running to ensure families like hers are safe, healthy, and thriving.

Kevin Branco (PA-HD131 Northampton) is a business owner, father of two, and former Kutztown University football player. Kevin will fight for democracy, while his opponent voted to slash vote by mail and eliminate ballot drop boxes.

Tarah Probst (PA-HD189 Monroe) ran for PA Senate in a gerrymandered district in 2018, and has been elected three times as the first female Mayor of Stroudsburg. Now, she’s running to flip a newly drawn Biden +15 seat!

Paul Friel (PA-HD26 Chester) is president of the Owen J. Roberts School Board, where he fights back against right-wing attacks on our public schools. A business owner and father of four, he’s running against a vulnerable Republican drawn into a Biden +13 district.

With a brand-new fair map, Democrats have a shot at historic gains. But we can’t do it if our candidates lack the resources they need to GET OUT THE VOTE.

Make a grassroots donation to 5 returning PA General Assembly candidates – and to Turn PA Blue’s work electing them.

Thanks for standing up.

– Turn PA Blue

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