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PEG 12th Congressional DistrictNewsletter #254. Thursday, March 3, 2022 ‌  ‌  ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌Follow PEG on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!Live from Germany

Join Chuck Newman on Conservations this Sunday. His guest will be Terry Swartzberg who moved to Germany 25 years ago where he became a reporter for the International Herald Tribune. He will be interviewed live from his home in Munich, Germany about when he met Putin and the profound effect the invasion is having on Germany. This free zoom show will air on Sunday, March 6 at 7 pm ET. Register in advance here.

The Stolperstein Project HeadiTerry will also answer questions about his experiences openly wearing a Jewish skullcap in Germany for the last 9 years and his involvement with the Stolperstein project that has installed over 100,000 commemorative brass plates. Each plate is inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi persecution and placed in the sidewalk at their last place of residence before becoming victims of the Nazis. Terry and some children learning about the project are shown to the left.Read MoreClick to Register for Conversations with Terry Swartzberg

In Praise of President Biden

Following Biden’s State of the Union address, let us take this moment to laud his successes in his first year of office. Writes Robert Hubbell in his daily newsletter regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, “Biden has done a masterful job of managing a maddeningly complex situation.” Above all, he’s marshalled and unified NATO support of Ukraine.According to Hubbel, in addition to Ukraine, Biden’s faced a panoply of extraordinary challenges, one’s comparable to Lincoln and FDR’s, all of which he handled with consummate skill. These include an insurrection, pandemic, right-wing opposition to vaccines and masks, his controversial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, supply chain issues and consequent shortages of consumer goods, inflation and rising energy prices, and uncompromising Republican opposition along with the collusion of Democratic Senators, Manchin and Sinema, to voting rights, the filibuster and the Supreme Court.


Thursday, March 10. Community Conversation on CREW ReportIn 2020, a report was released by the Citizens for Racial Equity in Washtenaw (CREW) was formed to gather public data on the charging and sentencing of individuals in Washtenaw County. Prior to the meeting, community members can read the report, see the data tables, check out the news articles that mention the report, and see the community toolkit with some data visualizations on the CREW website: Focus will be on recommendations in the Executive Summary, pages 10-16. Register in advance here. 6:30–8 pm

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Things to do

Moms take on book bans

Thursday, March 3, is World Book Day and more communities are banning books! The Red Wine & Blue organization channels the power of suburban women to “make sure our kids get an honest and accurate education.” Find book bans near you here. Per the Washington Post, over 300,000 women are currently part of their network and are learning how to combat the vitriol spoken at school board meetings by right-wing groups. Listen to a podcast here. Find training and other events here.This mission is urgent with the increase of book bans, such as the recent one in McMinn County, Tennessee, on the teaching of Maus: A Survivor’s Tale, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman. Read the Forbes article on the objections and more at Mother Jones. Sign-up for their newsletter on their website. Donate banned books here.

Reaching New Voters of High School Age

According to The Civics Center (TCC), an organization dedicated to building the foundations of youth civic engagement and voter participation in high schools, fewer than 20% of high schoolers who will turn 18 by the 2022 midterm elections are currently registered to vote. TCC uses the term “pre-registration” to refer to all laws that allow teens under 18 to pre-register or register to vote. Pre-18 registration does not allow teens under 18 to vote in federal elections. Instead, pre-18 registration creates an “onramp to democracy” to ensure as many citizens as possible are eligible to vote when they turn 18. TCC shares that their research shows “student-led registration drives are more effective than teacher- or volunteer-led drives, plus they create leadership opportunities for students.” They provide a voter registration tool as well as training as well as resources to promote high school registration. Please share these tools with teens, schools and school boards!

Promote the Vote 2022

The coalition supporting this petition states that the measure offers flexibility for voters to cast their ballots, make elections more accessible and ensure election security while protecting voter privacy. This would amend the state constitution. Additional and important specifics can be found here.The Board of Canvassers has approved the revised format and summary of the petition. Signatures are not yet being collected.

To Do – Sign up to collect signatures.

Petitions you should not sign and discourage others from signing

Unlock Michigan II

The measure would limit the length of emergency orders from state or local health officials to 28 days, unless extended by the state Legislature or local governments. This measure puts the power to limit emergency measures in the hands of the legislature rather than in the hands of the experts. The petition is currently collecting signatures. The Republican-led Legislature likely would adopt the measure if it collects enough signatures.

To Do: make sure you share this information widely to discourage signatures.

Secure MI Vote

Backers, mostly Republicans, say the measure proposed would add safeguards to the election process and ensure there is no fraud. Opponents say the initiative offers solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist and instead is intended to suppress the vote and undermine trust in elections. Read this article for proposal specifics.

Signatures are currently being collected. The Republican-led Legislature would likely adopt the measure if it collects enough signatures.

To Do: Make sure you share this information widely to discourage signatures.

PEG will review the petitions and keep you up to date on which petitions have been approved, are collecting signatures and on actions needed.

Things to read, watch, and listen to

How Petitions work in Michigan – PEG Exclusiveby Leslie Kamil, OTR/L, MS, JD How petitions work in Michigan Michigan citizens can file a petition with the state government to establish a new law, repeal a newly-enacted law through a referendum or amend the state’s constitution. Groups that…Read more

Good News

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historic Nomination to the Supreme Court

Judge Ketanji Jackson Brown, a 51-year-old Harvard graduate and former public defender, would be the first Black woman on the Court! As noted by Nina Totenberg on NPR, “Jackson has led a professional and personal life at once classic and unpredictable. Unlike most judges, her background is not as a prosecutor or major corporate lawyer, and her personal life also defies stereotypes.” She is an experienced judge, serving on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for the past eight years. She was a public defender, and would be the first Supreme Court justice since Thurgood Marshall to have represented indigent criminal defendants. She also practiced law at a variety of law firms in addition to serving as vice chairman of the U.S. Sentencing Commission at a time when they worked to reduce some “draconian” sentencing penalties. Jackson’s relationship to policing issues includes the fact that two uncles and her brother were members of the police department. Like several other justices, she attended Harvard and clerked for the justice she is replacing, Justice Breyer.Totenberg notes that “As a trial judge, Jackson earned a reputation for hard work, a raucous laugh and more than 500 opinions, some of them noteworthy not just for the outcome but their length. One of her most memorable statements was issued in the case against Don McGahn, Trump’s former counsel, in which she stated “Presidents are not kings. This means that they do not have subjects bound by loyalty or blood, whose destiny they are entitled to control.”

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