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Once Upon a Republican…

Once upon a time, before the dog-whistles and the fear-mongering divided so many of us, Americans had some values shared widely across the political spectrum. Not everyone believed in them, sure, but enough people could see the fire hoses and police dogs turned on civil rights protesters in Birmingham, the blood spilled on the bridge in Selma, and know that there was wrong in it, that we as a country had to find a different way of living together that wasn’t built on the injustices of a divided past and an indifferent present.

We wanted a different future, and we fought for it.

We are called to that again. Perhaps it’s something that every generation has to do, but we can’t shirk our responsibility to the time we are in now. Our present time.

We can’t just fight for the present.

We won, last time. For a while we won the present. But then the present became the past, and we didn’t keep creating that future, a future vision big enough to keep the momentum moving forward.

Yes, let’s call up the courage of those that walked before us, and walk with them down this road together. As we fight for the present, let’s also build a future, a vision strong enough to bring us together. Let’s stand for as well as against. Let’s create a vision of what we can become together that’s compelling enough to move people. It is more than policy, it is community.

A community where the children of chemists and choreographers, of mechanics and shopkeepers, of nurses and programmers and farmers have a place to grow their dreams together.  Where the great grandchildren of George W. Romney and the great grand children of John Lewis can stand together, and the politics of fear won’t be able to divide them.

We must fight, but we must also build. Let’s get to work.

Racism is a political weapon for the right and it’s time to think differently about disarming dog-whistle politicians. Join the social movement on Feb 10, when Professor Haney López speaks to Michiganders about saving democracy. Proudly brought to you by Washtenaw County Dems and Liberal Leadership League through promotional assistance from our allies and friends.

Watch the video at this link.

Missed the February Meeting? Check out the Videos!

Our Stories is the featured program for the WCDP February Monthly Meeting, on the fifth day of Black History Month. The program centers on local poets, artists, storytellers, and organizers. Many believe the art of storytelling is embedded in our DNA. It can be considered the lifeblood of our ancestors that pumps through our veins. From the Proverbs and Folktales of over 2000 different dialects in the continent of Africa to the unsigned lyricist on the streets of Detroit. Telling our stories has educated, motivated, and liberated the hearts and minds of nations. In ways that can be imitated, but never duplicated. Come listen to our stories, and let them guide and transform our work together.

We would like to thank all the presenters and the organizations they have founded / work with; Ki5 LoopsDo You See What I See?Our Community ReadsBlack Men ReadAmplify FellowshipBlackstone Bookstore and Cultural Center, and Mental Health Monologues.

Our Stories Part One
Facilitated by Krystle DuPree, with introductory music provided by Ki5 Loops. Background stories of Charlez Hall, Cherisa Allen, Rod Wallace, and Yodit Mesfin Johnson.

Our Stories Part Two
Panel Discussion and Stories, featuring Charlez Hall, Cherisa Allen, Rod Wallace, Yodit Mesfin Johnson, Kallista Marie, Kip Jhonson, and Desmine Robinson.

Our Stories Part Three
Ron Owens, Political Director for Governor Whitmer, tells his story, and the musical conclusion of the program by Lorian Janine.

Petitions and Allies

One way to elect politicians / enact legislation that reflect our values is through supporting petition drives and ally organizations. Here are three items worthy of our support.

Debbie Dingell, U.S. Congresswoman for the old 12th District (which covered the most populous part of Washtenaw), will be running in the new 6th District, which will cover ALL of Washtenaw. She needs nominating petition circulators. Sign up here.

Felicia Brabec, State Representative for the old 55th District in SE Washtenaw, will be running in the new 33rd District, which includes the south side of Ann Arbor, Saline, and adjacent townships.She also needs nominating petition circulators.
Sign up here.

The One Campaign for Michigan is getting started earlier than ever this year, and will be having their first canvass launch this weekend, February 19-20th. Knocking doors is the best way for us to talk to community members about how important it is for us to re-elect Governor Whitmer and other Democrats up and down the ballot.
Sign up here.

Reproductive Freedom for All is an organization dedicated to overturning the 1931 Michigan law banning abortion that will go back into effect if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. You can sign up for updates and to volunteer at this link.

The Michigan Democratic Party is excited to offer the 2022 State Party Campaign Bootcamp Training Program (via webinar).This is a FREE two-day training with supplemental small-group coaching sessions to encourage community building and collaborative learning.

You will learn critical aspects of launching and running a successful campaign. This training is open to Democratic candidates, potential candidates, and campaign staff.

The two day training is on the afternoons of February 26-27, with coaching sessions the following Tuesday and Thursday. Registration will close February 24th.
Register here

Washtenaw County has updated COVID testing information, including testing sites in the county.
The U.S. Government has now opened a website where you can order free at-home tests.
Washtenaw County COVID Testing website
U.S. Government Free At-Home Tests

The Final Word

This too is greatness.


Find your county commissioner here.

State Senator Jeff Irwin has a regular Virtual Coffee Hour — To receive the Zoom access code and the next date, please fill out this form:https://senatedems.com/irwin/coffee-hour-sign-up/State Rep. Yousef Rabhi, 53rd House district: yousefrabhi@house.mi.gov, Phone: (517) 373-2577. https://housedems.com/yousef-rabhi/. Currently virtual coffee hours with Yousef are at 10 am on the 4th Saturday of the month.Register for Saturday coffee hoursState Rep. Ronnie Peterson, 54th House district: ronniepeterson@house.mi.gov Phone: (517) 373-1771 | Toll-Free: (855) 347-8054, https://housedems.com/ronnie-peterson/ 

State Rep. Donna Lasinski, 52nd House district: donnalasinski@house.mi.gov, Phone: (517) 373-0828 | Toll-Free: (855) 627-5052, https://housedems.com/donna-lasinski/ (sign up for emails here). 

State Rep. Felicia Brabec, 55th House district: FeliciaBrabec@house.mi.gov, Phone: (517) 373-1792, https://housedems.com/felicia-brabec/.

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