Protect Your Right To Vote

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Protect your Right to Vote

Voters Not Politicians (VNP), the creators of successful Proposal 2 in 2018 to end gerrymandering in Michigan, is again at work to protect our vote and our democracy. Join NP’s statewide Zoom call on Sunday, February 6 at 7 pm, to learn about the new pro-voter ballot initiative. Please click here to RSVP.

“2022 is a big year for pro-voter advocacy work in Michigan. Voters Not Politicians leadership will give updates on the redistricting process and our Freedom to Vote campaign, and share big news on our role in a new pro-voter ballot initiative and your opportunity to grab a clipboard and take action!” VNP

Per VNP, “(This call is intended for active volunteers and supporters of Voters Not Politicians. If you are an elected official, a member of the media, or working on behalf of another organization, please reach out to us at”

Redistricting – the lawsuits keep coming!! You can still comment!

The Michigan redistricting commission approved the congressional and legislative maps on December 28, 2021. These maps are fairer to Democrats than those previously controlled by the Republican-led Legislature for the past two decades. This article provides an analysis of the changes with the new maps

The suits

Several lawsuits have been filed. The Detroit’s Black Caucus filed the first lawsuit claiming that the redrawn district maps unfairly favor Republicans, potentially silencing the voices of underserved communities. Although the maps are fairer politically to Democrats, the maps have drawn criticism from Black legislators and the state’s civil rights department because they slash the number of seats where African Americans account for a majority of the voting-age population. 

Michigan Republicans filed the second suit to block the state’s new congressional map, saying it is constitutionally flawed because of population deviations, too much splitting of municipal lines and the carving up of “communities of interest.”

The third and most recent suit brought by civil rights groups like the League of Women Voters, Asian American Pacific Islanders Vote and Detroit Action take aim at whether the maps unfairly help Republicans over Democrats at the state level, citing partisan fairness in the redistricting process.

An attorney for Michigan’s redistricting commission defended the new maps. Review this article to gain a better understanding of the changes and districts. The Michigan Redistricting Commission urges the court to reject redistricting challenges.

Each of these lawsuits want the state’s district maps redrawn — but time is running out before the 2022 midterm elections.

What can you do?

Deadline for feedback to the redistricting commission is extended to February 11!

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) continues to seek feedback and input from the public to help improve the process for the future after voting on final maps in late December 2021.

After Michigan’s first-ever, citizen-driven redistricting process was conducted, feedback from the public is integral to improving the process for the future. Feedback can be provided in written form via the Commission’s website, as well as via virtual testimony during upcoming public meetings. The Commission is also encouraging the usage of the hashtag #improvemicrc on social media channels. Use this web portal to submit a comment on what went well or how the commission can improve its process moving forward. The deadline to submit comments is February 11, 2022. A link to Conversations with several expert map analysts can be reviewed here.

Saturday, February 5. Black History Month Zoom — Our Stories

Black storytellers have educated, motivated, and liberated the hearts and minds of nations. Joined by artists, authors, and stewards of “Our Stories.” The focus of this event is to help foster an understanding of how stories from African Americans impact lives beyond entertainment. 9:30 am. Click HERE to join the webinar.

Wednesday, February 9. Brews & Views: Women, children and guns

What are our options for stemming the tide of gun violence in America, and protecting women and children from armed men in their homes? League of Women Voters talk about women, children and guns with featured guest Patrick Carter, MD, director, University of Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention. Streaming on Facebook or register for Zoom at 7–8:30 pm

Thursday, February 10. Democracy endgame? Not if we join together!

Concerned about the constant media messages forecasting doom? Not seeing anything about what Dems ARE doing to improve lives? Join renowned expert Ian Haney López as he speaks to Democrats and liberals about how to message based on our true identity and values, and how to build a “choir” to change the narrative. Check out Race-Class Academy ( and the Eclectablog GOTMFV podcast that discusses the strategic racism of dog whistles like Critical Race Theory, and how Democrats can fight back. Register here. 6 pm

Thursday, February 24, 4-week training program: Running for office

Join Michigan People’s Campaign, People’s Action, SEIU Healthcare of Michigan and New American Leaders for a 4-week training program to simplify the process of running for office and learn to be strategic in your campaign. Whether you’re running for office this year, in the future, or want to help local progressives in your area, the Movement Politics Academy will prepare you to create the positive changes our communities need.

Click here to learn more or to apply.

You will walk out of this training with a campaign plan, training, and advice from movement politics experts including current and former elected officials. Apply if you’re thinking about running for office, or if you want to help progressive champions win their elections up and down the ballot in 2022. The course is four weeks long, with two Zoom sessions per week, for a total of eight sessions. Participants are expected to make ALL sessions. Thursdays from 5–9 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am-4 pm. Saturdays will include Grubhub Gift Cards for lunch.

Week 1: Building Your Candidacy

  • Thursday, February 24
  • Saturday, February 26

Week 2: Building Your Campaign

  • Thursday, March 3
  • Saturday, March 5

Week 3: Bringing it all Together

  • Thursday, March 9
  • Saturday, March 12

Week 4: Taking it to the Streets

  • Thursday, March 17 (Optional)
  • Saturday, March 19

Friday, February 25. Stress on the public health workforce

Watch the League of Women Voters Lunch & Learn series LIVE on Facebook or register for Zoom at Stress on the public health workforce shows no sign of decreasing as we enter the pandemic’s third year. Jimena Loveluck, MSW, became Chief Health Officer of Washtenaw County in 2019, five months before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. She has served with distinction and was named United Way Washtenaw County’s Woman of the Year for 2021. Noon–1:30 pm.

Visit the PEG website to view the comprehensive listing of Upcoming Events!

Riddle: What happens when a city overtaxes its residents?

Detroit overtaxed its homeowners by $600 million dollars from 2010 to 2016. Six years later, it is struggling to figure out how to compensate the 100,000 homeowners who lost their homes during that time.

According to the Michigan Constitution, properties cannot be assessed at more than 50% of their market value, but the city assessed homes 55%–85% of their value.

Bernadette-Atuahene, professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law, argues that the overtaxation of Detroit residents is part of what she calls a “national racial justice issue” as the majority Black municipalities have a higher rate of foreclosure than majority white areas. She also asserts that foreclosure resulting from overtaxation is more than a problem of money. The city has taken away the dignity from residents whose homes were foreclosed due to overtaxation. To read in detail about the recompense Detroit is offering these former homeowners, click here

It’s the economy stupid: America’s is soaring!

According to this past week’s New York Times, in the year since Biden took office, “the economy grew 5.7 percent, the largest annual increase since 1984.” This rate of economic growth was a surprise to the most optimistic of economic analysts. They attribute it to the Federal Reserve’s cheap credit rates, the federal aid to households and businesses, and the spurt provided by the vaccines.

This phenomenal rate of growth is expected to slow in the coming months by 1.2 to 4 percent due to the absence of more federal stimulus spending. However, that rate of growth still outpaces the average annual growth from 2010 to 2019. Bravo to Biden and his economic policies!

Gross Domestic Product from 1980 to 2022

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis By The New York Times

“Let’s talk about Michigan’s economy!” goes viral

Check out this video on Michigan’s economy by Distill Social. Distill Social is a new Michigan-based independent media founded by PEG’s own Chuck Newman and friends.

Read more

Free COVID Home Tests available from the U.S. government

According to the White House, 60 million U.S. households have ordered their free COVID Home Tests. Use this link to order yours today!

Read more

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