What a year it’s been

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Dear friends,

During this final week of 2021, we hope you’re able to experience a measure of relaxation, recreation and joy. We’re grateful to be in community with you, whether you’ve been actively engaged in IY’s pro-democracy advocacy this year or you’ve needed to shift your energy toward other priorities.

As we move into Indivisible Yolo’s sixth year (wow!) of progressive activism, we welcome your involvement at whatever level you find sustainable and meaningful. For some, that may include taking part in IY’s Monday morning Action Coffees on Zoom, or making calls to your representatives when your schedule allows. For others, it may mean participating in voting rights, racial justice and democracy reform rallies and marches, volunteering to register voters and get out the vote, or joining one of IY’s 2022 Action Teams. (Stay tuned for news in January about those opportunities.)

If your activism energy is at a low ebb right now, we get it. From the January 6 attack on our democracy to the right-wing’s politicization of the pandemic to the growing cancer of an extremist conservative faction and their relentless assaults on our country’s human rights progress – the 2021 political landscape was tough.

And yet, we hope you continue to be as inspired as we are by 2021’s big wins. Nearly one year ago, we celebrated Georgia’s historic election of Rev. Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff to the U. S. Senate, followed weeks later by the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Just a few months later, the new administration rolled out the American Rescue Plan, helping millions of Americans and small businesses stay afloat as the pandemic dragged on. This summer, California voters crushed the right-wing’s ill-fated attempt to recall Governor Newsom. And this fall, Congress passed bipartisan legislation that will make an historic investment in our country’s infrastructure and provide states and communities with the resources to fix roads and bridges, provide clean water and faster internet, and create more and better jobs.

While passing voting rights legislation and the Build Back Better plan is taking longer than we’d hoped, both are still very much in play – and success may hinge in part on renewed and relentless grassroots pressure (pssst… that’s us!) on Congress.

It’s rarely possible to draw a straight line from our efforts as individuals and as a group to broad social and political progress. And yet when we look at back on the work we’ve accomplished together this year – IY’s Fixing Our Democracy Action Hours on Sundays, our Action Coffees on Mondays, the Deadline for Democracy rally in front of Congressman Garamendi’s office, all our phone calls to elected representatives, texts to voters and letters to editors, all the freeway bannering sessions and voting rights rallies and light brigades – and you multiply that by thousands of progressive activist groups across the country – we feel humbly hopeful that our efforts are contributing to rebuilding our democracy to work for everyone.

Soon we’ll announce the date of our Winter General Meeting to share news about IY’s 2022 goals and how to get involved with our new Action Teams. In the meantime, we offer you and yours our warmest wishes for a healthy and happy new year.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Yolo’s Steering Committee:
Rachel Beck
Peggy Bernardy
Linda Cloud
Emily Hill
Shaunese Lambel
Magalean Martin
Steve Murphy
Janette Vine

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