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Missouri Democrats warmly welcomed President Joe Biden to Kansas City on Wednesday to focus on the state’s incoming funding from the Infrastructure Deal. This once-in-a-lifetime investment is essential to our future and will prepare our state to grow and advance. 

Missouri will receive the following over five years:

  • $6.5 billion for highway repairs
  • $484 million for bridge replacement and repairs
  • $674 million to improve public transportation options across the state
  • $99 million for the expansion of electric vehicle chargers across the state
  • $100 million for broadband expansion
  • $866 million to improve water infrastructure, including lead pipe replacement
  • $246 million for airport development

(See a detailed list here.)

Thank you to our volunteer welcoming crew, especially super volunteer, Shellie Montemurro. While the President’s trip was last minute and perimeters were constantly changing, as Democrats we came together to make it happen! 

A huge outcome of the Infrastructure Deal will be JOBS. Jobs for Americans, jobs for Missourians. Highways, bridges, airports and more cannot repair themselves. In the month of November, the jobless claims plummeted to only 184,000, the lowest since 1969. That’s back to Johnson and Nixon.

America is recovering at a record pace from an almost unimaginable and devastating economic hit from COVID-19. Americans are getting back to work, wages are up, unemployment is down, and middle-class families are breathing a little easier because of Democrats’ major tax cut – no thanks to a single Republican in Congress. But this didn’t happen by accident. President Biden and Democrats have focused on rebuilding our economy from the bottom up and middle out and setting our country on a path to long-term recovery and growth. 

Redistricting Update

Have you wondered why there hasn’t been any redistricting news? Well, it’s because the Republicans cancelled the meeting. Much to our chagrin, but not surprise, the GOP Redistricting Commissioners have continually lowered transparency to the public. Last week was particularly bad…

BUT, we called them out and didn’t let it happen. Due to our Democratic Commissioners and community members, the online portal was brought back up. All Missourians deserve easy and continuous access to the redistricting process and we encourage you to submit written testimony here – because it’s allowed again! 


Schmitt at it again

AG Eric Schmitt truly outdid himself on Thursday.

While Schmitt is currently the MO Attorney General, he is also one of the candidates in the GOP’s mess of a primary for Missouri’s open Senate seat (bye, Blunt.) He intimidated school districts and community members already regarding mask policies but this week he took it a step further.

It’s…frightening that no one in the AG’s office stopped this maniacal idea. The sitting Attorney General literally asked parents to “help identify” schools keeping children *safe* by encouraging masks and CDC guidelines – so this is already weird and crazy, just maybe a normal weird and crazy for Schmitt.

He took in up a level by asking for PHOTOS and VIDEO of school-age children to be sent to a state sanctioned email for further investigation of this tyranny.

Oh, but wait! Please remember to make the photos well-lit and in a horizontal orientation.

So, he’s making a campaign video. The Attorney General wants his followers to help him by sending secret photos of MINORS without their or parental permission.

Sounds completely lawful, right? 

Unfortunately, this man is not alone in the GOP Primary field – one could even argue there are worse…

Schmitt, Greitens, good ‘ole Billy, Hartzler and McCloskey are jokes. As Democrats, we need to try our hardest to recruit candidates and volunteers that will make sure other Missourians don’t fall for it. 

SCOTUS Abortion hearing, Texas law

The United States Supreme Court heard Dobbs vs. Jackson on the morning of December 1st, a case against the extreme Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks. This debate and decision will be the first time Trump’s ultra-conservative judges have to prove or disprove their loyalty to Donald Trump. For more on the political side, read Politico’s analysis here.

While we still wait to hear the court’s decision on this case, bright and early this morning the SCOTUS ruled the Texas law banning abortions at 12 weeks with a bounty hunter -like program will stand, but doctors can sue. 

Um…OK, thanks? 

The Center for Reproductive Rights released this statement following the announcement and includes:

“Since Sept. 1—when the ban first took effect after the Supreme Court refused to block it—most Texans who are past the earliest stages of pregnancy have been unable to access abortion in the state. Today’s decision comes after exactly 100 days of legal back-and-forth that have wreaked havoc on abortion access in Texas and the surrounding region.”

The Dobbs vs. Jackson decision could come at any time. In case you missed the arguments, take a look at this thread for a court play-by-play.

Specifically, as Midwest Democrats, we know there are a lot of misconceptions about abortion among our Republican neighbors. Here are some tips on how to respond to false claims about reproductive healthcare: 

  • Anti-choice claims about science are either explicitly inaccurate, misleading, made in bad faith, or all of the above. When communicating about or responding to their claims, it is critical to NOT accept their premise, and instead shift the conversation and reclaim a narrative centered on medical consensus and compassion. 
  • Call out anti-choice motivations: Anti-choice activists are not a credible source of information about “science.” They have a long history of spreading medically-inaccurate information about pregnancy and abortion and their goal is to ban abortion.
  • The anti-choice movement has never been an honest broker. Its leaders have always known that they are on the wrong side of public sentiment, which is why they resort to relying on dangerous allegations and disinformation to maintain power and control. 

Politicians who jeopardize reproductive freedom should be on notice: Voters will hold you accountable at the ballot box for putting our rights in peril. Reproductive freedom is a winning issue for candidates and a vote driver for Democrats. Make no mistake, voters won’t forget who put their families and freedom on the line.

Booster Shots 

The CDC recommends all adults receive a third shot, or a “booster” of one of the COVID vaccines in order to be properly protected against the new and spreading Omicron variant. Find a provider here.


December 7th marked the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack that brought the United States into WWII. Many of the soldiers and witnesses to this attack are no longer with us, but let us remember their sacrifice and honor the day their lives changed forever. While most of us won’t have a WWII veteran to personally thank, thank any military members in your community – they picked up the torch knowing the possible consequences.

December 1st was World AIDS Day. Vice President Kamala Harris and the White House released this proclamation stating:

“For decades, World AIDS Day has been recognized as an opportunity for people around the world to stand together in the fight against HIV.  This year on World AIDS Day, we are focused on addressing health inequities and inequalities and ensuring that the voices of people with HIV are at the center of our work to end the HIV epidemic globally.”

The Holidays are in full swing and we’ve got a pretty good gift idea – help us shop for 2022 candidates!

You can also purchase our new #MoDemsCare merchandise from our online store.

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