Needed: Mystery Shoppers for Automatic Voter Registration Process at DMVs

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Common Cause Hawaii
Needs Volunteers to

Ensure DMV Clerks are

Helping Hawaii Citizens

Register to Vote and Ensure Ballots are Mailed to Correct Address

Purpose / Goal of “Mystery Shopper”:
We are trying to figure out what instructions DMV Clerks in the counties are providing to people about filling out the Voter Registration Form attached to the Driver’s License Forms.

Reason for “Mystery Shopper”:     
The correct information provided by the DMV Clerks will help people register to vote and fulfill the Automatic Voter Registration law!

DMV “Mystery Shopper” Script:

Go any DVM location with (or without) an appointment. We are looking for experiences of DMV interactions on all islands!

  1. Scope out what a DMV clerk does when a person enters the DMV. Note the location of the clerks and where photos are taken, etc. Pictures are good if you can take them without anyone noticing. Or, you can jot down notes of your experiences afterwards!  
  2. Ask the Clerk who is working there for 4 State of Hawaii Driver’s License Application Form for your entire family (4 forms) because you are moving.  
  3. When you receive the forms, take a look at the forms when you are there.
  4. The second page is a “Voter Registration Form”.
  5. Ask the Clerk if you need to fill out the second page — “Voter Registration Form”. 
    – If the answer is “yes”, follow up with the question, what if some in my family are already registered to vote? Do they still need to fill it out again? I think my mother (or daughter or whoever) voted before.
    – If the answer is “no”, follow up with question, why not? Shouldn’t we need to register to vote again, because we are moving?
  6. Please record or take notes of the conversation and keep the forms and identify from which location you received the forms from and when you were there!
  7. Please act confused when you are asking for information and guidance from the DMV Clerks. 
  8. Please email your DMV “Mystery Shopper” notes and forms to Sandy Ma, Common Cause Hawaii, at Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

It would be great if we can get this DMV “Mystery Shopper” information for DMVs on all islands before the end of December 2021! 

Please contact Sandy Ma, Common Cause Hawaii at, if there are any questions!


Let’s Talk Politics with Ray! – Dec 3 session canceled

Let’s Talk Politics with Ray!

Dec 3 session is canceled.

Next session will be on Jan 17.

Happy Holidays! 

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