It’s Time to Deliver on Build Back Better!

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This week we tell our Members of Congress: (Finally) Time to Deliver on Build Back Better
The original deal progressives made with conservative Democrats was that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better (BBB) pass at the same time. Now the infrastructure bill’s been signed by Biden- passed after conservative Democrats who reneged on the original deal at least pledged to vote for BBB no later than this week. We’re telling our Representative it’s Time to Deliver on those promises and pass BBB now. We also need the Senate to pass BBB immediately after the House does, so it doesn’t get bogged down and infinitely delayed when Congress goes into recess next week.

Securing Voting Rights is beyond urgent:
Republican senators are, right now, gerrymandering congressional districts and continuing their racist efforts to suppress the vote in communities of color. We need Sen. Feinstein to show some leadership and end the filibuster- a Jim Crow tool that Republicans are using to full advantage- to protect the right to vote. Right now Sen. Feinstein has put no effort into protecting voting rights and seems completely content to let Republicans filibuster away voting rights protections. It’s wrong and we need her to step up.

Example call scripts/Member of Congress contact info are below.

The newsletter and Action Coffee are on hiatus next week- we resume again the week of Nov. 29.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Fight Back Friday rally for voting rights in San Francisco! It’s an important part of getting Sen. Feinstein to show some leadership and end the filibuster to pass voting rights protections.

Tell Rep. Garamendi OR Rep. Matsui: Time to Deliver on Build Back Better!

(Note: only contact your own Representative. You can find out whether it’s Garamendi or Matsui here)

Sample Call Script:
Hello, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Rep [Garamendi/Matsui]. My zip code is [zip code].

I am calling today to urge Rep. [Garamendi/Matsui] to bring President Biden’s Build Back Better Act to a vote in the House this week. Time is running out for Democrats in Congress to show voters that they can legislate to solve problems. I urge Rep. [Garamendi/Matsui] to make sure the the version of Build Back Better that passes the House includes [universal pre-k, comprehensive investment in clean energy, medicare coverage for hearing, immigration reform, lower drug prices, paid family leave, …]. It’s time to deliver!Sen. Feinstein: End the filibuster and protect voting rights!Sen. Feinstein: 415-393-0707 (SF) 202-224-3841 (D.C) (email)Sample Call Script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Senator Feinstein.  My zip code is [zip code]. 
I am calling today for two reasons. 

First, to urge Senator Feinstein to get her Senate colleagues to pass Biden’s Build Back Better act this week. President Biden has promised to get Build Back Better through the Senate, but he can’t do that without the active participation of senior Senators like Senator Feinstein. It’s time for Senator Feinstein to get her caucus to deliver. 

Second, to urge Senator Feinstein to eliminate the filibuster that is standing in the way of the Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and the Women’s Health Protection Act. The GOP will never supply 10 votes to protect the right to vote or the right to abortion. Senator Feinstein must prioritize our rights over a senate rule.

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