Hangup on AT&T

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AT&T is bankrolling far-right extremist & conspiracy “news” network,
One America News


If you have AT&T, every time you pay your bill, you help One America News Network, one of the loudest and most dangerous far-right media outlets to pay theirs! 

Unlimited data plan? That’s unlimited airtime for COVID misinformation! 

International calling charges? You’re paying for OAN’s white nationalist hosts!

Family plan? Bring together coup conspirators across the county!

For too long, AT&T has gotten away with funding OANN, 2020 election conspirators, and the legislators behind Texas’s draconian abortion ban. We’ve asked nicely. We’ve raised awareness. No changes. Now, we’re hanging up

Join us to Hang Up on AT&T. Add your name to stand by a boycott of AT&T service and affiliates until they stop bankrolling the black mold on our democracy. 


CLICK HERE to watch Lincoln Project’s newest add re AT&T

After you’ve signed, send this to someone you know who may use AT&T. Do they know the real cost of the cell service bills each month? They deserve to. 

For once, AT&T’s message is loud and clear. They think we’ll forget, we’ll overlook, that we won’t bother to take the next step to stand up for our democracy. We think they’re wrong, and we are asking you to add your name to prove it. 

Time to go service-provider shopping, 

AT&T is bankrolling One America News–a far-right extremist & conspiracy “news” network! Rush a donation to post billboards, fly airplane banners & run a national tv ad calling out AT&T–we need to raise $100,000 by midnight tonight: http://mvn.to/2vg/5tbg32 


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