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Is the Supreme Court destroying democracy by making it harder to vote, approving democracy and letting dark money buy elections.

Pictures convey information better than words.

This blog is intentionally short to demonstrate the power of visual communication. Now you can create your infographics in minutes with the free Infogram app.

Six Supreme Court Injustices, the infographic illustrates how the Supreme Court:

– Lets dark money corrupt politics

– Approves voter suppression

– Denies women control over their own bodies

– Blocks COVID safety measures

– Blocks poor immigrants

– Approves pandemic evictions

Create infographics to convey information visually.

What’s great about Infogram?

– It’s free
– The infographic is interactive and can link to more information
– Infographics are dynamic, meaning that the content can be changed at any time
– It comes with a library of free images and icons or you can upload your own
– You can embed images and videos in your infographic
– You can animate the content to make it more engaging
– It also creates both a PNG image or as a PDF version of the infographic
– Built in analytics lets you see how many people have seen it
– You can share it with a link like this or easily embed the infographic in a website


The icons in this infographic are from the Noun Project which is another great free resource. The icons used in this infographics are available for free here.

TakeAway: Improve your messaging with infographics made with the free Infogram app.


PDF version of the infographic

Create a high quality image version of the infographic.
Link to infographic

The power of visual communication

  • Without imagery, bathrooms, street signs and public transport would be plastered with words; instructions overwhelming a message so simply delivered with a stick figure or arrow.
  • We are far better at learning and remembering content we’ve seen in pictures than words. Imagery overcomes language or socio-economic barriers.
  • Visual communications should be creative, striking, engaging and memorable. 
  • Keep the design simple and timely. Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared, and articles that feature an image every 75-100 words receive double the social media shares than those with text alone.
  • Add movement to your content to controlled timing of information. Our brains actively predict what inputs are ahead, rather than passively processing information as it arrives. Controlling the sequence and tempo of visual information therefore heightens curiosity and engagement.
    (Source: PWC)

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