Good Info on Pressing Issues – 9/21

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(Some of) This Week’s Pressing News

  • The Freedom to Vote Act
  • The Reconciliation Bill
  • Share Mahalo with Businesses Supporting 
  • COVID Mandates


Carol Maxym and Lani Twomey attended an outstanding meeting last week to discuss the Freedom to Vote Act. This is key to the future of our democracy. 

Former Senator Doug Jones (D – Alabama, 2018-2021) joined the meeting and is a pistol! Here is the recording

Some of the key messages include: 

  • This is a bold, robust bill. Not everything but a super first step. Headed up by Senator Manchin.
  • Can Congress really override the crazy state’s voting laws? Yes! See the Constitution, Article 1, Section 4 
    1. The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing (the Constitution’s spelling of the word) Senators.
  • This is not a partisan bill. Everyone should support.
  • See the video for suggested actions. 

Some links to check out


Indivisible Hawaii member, Greg Farstrup, shared this excellent interview with David Sirota, from The Daily Poster, discussing the Reconciliation Bill.

Democrats need to deliver programs that people actually feel will improve their daily lives, and fulfill what they were promised during the 2020 election campaign. Passage of a robust Reconciliation Bill will provide this and help ensure Democrats win future elections. Click here to view.


This thank you letter was shared by Hui Aloha ‘O’ Maui Indivisible members Ellen Caringer and the Rev. Danette Kong (designed letter). 

Click here for access to the letter.

It can be used with businesses we patronize, including restaurants, grocery stores, hair salons, etc. Danette suggests signing your name, and the date of your visit. It’s our way of saying we support the vaccine passports and efforts they take to keep their clientele safe (as a counter to those who are angry at businesses because “their” rights are being violated).

The 8 X 11 size makes it easy to try-fold and put in an envelope, and large enough that a manager/owner might want to post on a bulletin board for employees. Feel free to add an extra note, like “the food was great”,  “mahalo to the server,” or “we’ll encourage our friends to come to your business too, because you make an effort to keep us safe.”

It can be our way to positively counter the negativity on the other side . . . .


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