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We over here at MDP had a big week! First, we want to thank all of those who attended, donated or sponsored our annual fundraiser, the 2021 Truman Dinner. On Sunday, September 12th we virtually gathered and talked about ideas, energy, and most importantly: PLANS. 

Although we were not together in person, our powerhouse speakers reached each of us in our own living rooms. An enormous thank you to all of our special guests and speakers:

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar; U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill; Sen. JJ Rizzo; U.S. Rep. Cori Bush; U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver; Rep. Crystal Quade; Douglas Emhoff, Second Gentleman and Jaime Harrison, DNC Chairman.

And congratulations to our 2021 award winners:

Democrat of the Year – U.S. Rep. Cori Bush

Democrat of the Year – U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II

Volunteer of the Year – Cydney Mayfield

Young Democrat of the Year – Sam Smith

Lifetime Achievement Award: U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill

To watch our new messaging video, click below!

(Spoiler: we care about YOU)

The MDP is excited to start the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month off with big news. We are honored to announce we are forming the first Missouri Latino Caucus and the members will be announced later this month. Do you or anyone you know what to join as a member or ally? Contact Manny Abarca at

There are celebrations and events for Hispanic Heritage Month across the state. Find out what’s near you here.

This past weekend we observed the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on our country. That morning, 2,977 people woke up, left for work and didn’t come back. While September 11th is a somber reminder of fragility, it is also a stoic reminder of American strength and honor.

While so hard to believe it has already been 20 years, we have watched the horrors unfold for exactly that: 20 years.

Earlier this month President Biden brought our soldiers home. Thank you to all the brave American service men and women who facilitated the withdrawal, and the 13 lives lost. Four different presidents have presided as the Commander in Chief over this two-decade war that started in 2001 following the September 11th terrorist attack in New York City and continued ten more years after the capture of Osama Bin Laden and the destruction of Al Qaeda.

September is a busy month for our global, national and local communities. On Monday, Sept 6th we celebrated Labor Day, thanks to all of our strong unions and union workers. Our middle class was built by unions and will be the key to bringing it back. 

We also celebrated not only Rosh Hashanah, but also Yom Kippur. L’Shanah Tovah and G’mar Chatima Tovah to our Jewish friends and neighbors.


Missouri Legislature 2021 Veto Session

Jefferson City was bustling on Wednesday the 15th not just with legislators, but anti-vaxx, mask, “mandate,” and just about everything else came bearing offensive signs, quite visible guns, and naturally, no masks. 

While the House did vote to overturn a few of Parsons budget line items, the Senate’s soap opera made these changes dead on arrival. At the end of the day, all of Parsons decisions stayed intact. 

What did we learn? Democrats are still fighting for you. And Republicans still aren’t. 

LGBTQ+ Rights Display Removed from MO Capitol

As Sen. Greg Razer said best, why did they put this display back in the closet? We still don’t know. Well, other than blantant homophobia.

Governor Parsons, his officials and Republican lawmakers are sticking to their discriminatory decision to remove an LGBTQ+ History exhibit despite strong opposition from across the state, even Missouri State Park employees themselves.

The exhibit called “Making History” was only up for four days – but the conversation won’t end anytime soon. We won’t let it. 

MDP Executive Director Randy Dunn, who is part of the LGBTQ+ community, released the following statement:

“I am disheartened by the Missouri State Parks decision to take down the LGBTQ+ rights display at our state Capitol. Not only did this display historical content on a civil rights movement, but it acknowledges LGBTQ+ Missourians, like myself, as part of the fabric of our communities.

As a gay man, I am personally offended by this clearly discriminatory move and like all of our Democratic legislators in Jefferson City, demand to know what happened and ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

What’s Josh up to?

Well well well…Sen. Josh Hawley’s ears must have been burning because he wasn’t in our last newsletter.

This week, Hawley swore to hold up all Senate confirmations for the Department of State and Department of Defense until Biden resigns for ending the 20-year war in Afghanistan, getting out more than 100,000 people within weeks and finally taking the resposibility to not pass this war to a 5th President. 

The Kansas City Star had a lot to say in this editorial, stating his actions are “pure theatrics.” Which then picked up even more national coverage.

Attacks on Roe v. Wade and Women’s Rights

We’ve dealt with crazy disinformation and violent attacks on Roe v Wade for decades, ignited further as Trump took over the Republican Party in 2016 and only gets stronger each passing year. But in the last two weeks, unfortunately, one of the attacks stuck. 

Disheartened, disappointed and frankly, discouraged. These words don’t even cover the feelings Democrats have on the outlandish 6-week abortion ban passed in Texas.

We cannot let Missouri follow in Texas’ footsteps. Florida is already trying to cut and paste this bill for their own state – we need to keep Parsons away from those scissors and especially the glue.

Planned Parenthood and allies gathered in St. Louis at the old courthouse on Sep. 9. Thanks to people like St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones, who spoke at the rally, we have the power to protect the women and families of Missouri.

Missouri needs more leaders to stand up against the bigotry and hypocrisy spreading through the country. Help us build up for the fight to protect reproductive rights:

(unless you are in Texas, where we now need to fight to get them back.)

*Community Announcement*

LeadMO Action’s staff cohort is a go-to place for staff to learn the skills necessary to run winning campaigns. This program serves as a direct pipeline for campaigners interested in electoral and issue organizing. LeadMO Action works to uncover diverse, talented folks from across the state and trains them up in the skills it takes to lead and succeed in the campaign and activist world.

Twice yearly, the staff cohort hosts 20-30 future leaders to funnel into the pipeline of talent for Missouri’s progressive movement. This fall’s cohort will consist of 6 virtual courses and a full weekend capstone experience with politicos and leading activists from across the state. We are monitoring the situation with Covid and will respond accordingly.

Applications are OPEN for the Fall 2021 staff cohort!

Learn more about LeadMO Action here.

You can also purchase our new #MoDemsCare merchandise from our online store.

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