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Help Save Haiku Stairs!
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Quick Update for your Testimonial
One correction, Committee is now: Council/Public Hearing

We think it will be ok if you submitted it under the Housing and the Economy committee, which is what it was for the last Hearing. Just in case, though, you may wish to resubmit. Sorry for the hassle. 

Please submit Testimony here, it only takes a minute: https://www.honolulu.gov/ccl-testimony-form.html
 Information needed for testimony:

  • Meeting date is 09/08/21
  • Committee is Housing and the Economy
  • Resolution to remove Haiku Stairs is 21-154

Vote OPPOSED You can write a few words in the testimony box, but you don’t have to. Sadly, we have discovered they don’t read it and many Council Members are uninformed on this issue. We are reaching out to meet with them. Our votes do matter, though. If this passes and goes on to the Mayor, he will decide whether or not to waste $1 million dollars of taxpayer money to tear down an elite, historical feature like Haiku Stairs, or actually implement the management plan that protects the neighbors, provides high tech 24-hour security, monitors hikers, restricts entry with a reservation system like Hanauma Bay for example, and actually manages the trail and access. Thank you!!!

  • See FaceBook search for “Friends of Haiku Stairs” page
  • Click here to see Star Advertiser column, “Save Haiku Stairs for Cultural and Environmental Education”, (Sept 6, 2021) 
  • Click here to see Op-Ed in Civil Beat from Vernon Ansdel, President of Friends of Haiku Stairs, “Haiku Stairs should be Reopened, No Removed”, (Aug 20, 2021)
  • Click here to sign petition to Save Haiku Stairs


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