Texas’s New Anti-Abortion Law Is A Page Out Of Marco Rubio’s Playbook

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At midnight last night, a Texas state law banning abortion past six weeks took effect. A draconian measure to effectively end abortion access and empower anti-choice vigilantes, the Supreme Court had the opportunity to block the bill, and so far, they have declined. Florida Democratic Party executive director Marcus L. Dixon released the following statement on the recent news: 

“During his time in the Senate Marco Rubio has made it his mission to support anti-choice judges who have allowed this dangerous and unconstitutional ban to go into effect. If we don’t defeat Marco Rubio, Floridians’ access to safe and legal reproductive health care, which is already in peril, will be taken away completely.” 
Marco Rubio has long held extreme and dangerous anti-reproductive rights views. He has attacked Roe v. Wade, calling it a “catastrophe” with “horrifying” results and vowed to back anti-choice judges who will overturn it. “Senators can make sure that judges confirmed to the United States Supreme Court understand that Roe v. Wade is bad law constitutionally and morally and it should be overturned,” he said.

Rubio has also opposed abortion in all circumstances, even in the case of rape, incest, or a threat to the mother’s life. Rubio has introduced a bill to gut health insurance coverage of contraceptives and this year filed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. 

Florida Democratic Party Names Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy Chair of Democracy and Voter Protection Program

Today, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) named U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy of Winter Park, Fla., as Chair of its Democracy and Voter Protection Program. In this role, Murphy will work with the FDP voter protection staff, party leadership, and elected officials to protect democracy by combating voter suppression and disinformation.

“As someone who fled an authoritarian regime, I’m incredibly proud to lead Florida Democrats’ fight to protect our democracy and voting rights across the state,” said Murphy. “Disinformation and voter suppression weaken our democracy and run counter to the ideals that make America great. If we don’t stand up and fight back, the America we pass on to our children and grandchildren will look very different. I look forward to uniting Florida Democrats as we defend democracy and protect the voting rights of every eligible Floridan.”

“We are thrilled that Congresswoman Murphy is going to lead us in this effort,” said Chair Manny Diaz. “From personal experience, she understands how precious our freedoms are and takes her responsibility to protect them seriously. Her work on the January 6 Select Committee, experience as a national security specialist at the Pentagon, and her efficacy in Congress have illustrated why she is the perfect voice for this effort. She brings incredible knowledge, experience, and resources to our team, and I look forward to working with her on this critical effort.”

FDP’s Democracy and Voter Protection Program will focus on efforts to ensure Floridans’ access to the ballot box, boost voter confidence in Florida’s elections, increase voter turnout, and combat misinformation that undermines our democracy. The program’s activities include, but are not limited to, recruiting, training, and deploying thousands of volunteers to protect voters at polling places, canvassing boards, through a hotline, and a ballot cure program. The team will also work to educate and engage voters around their voting rights, including increasing confidence in elections and work to advance legislation and policies that strengthen Floridian’s access to and participation in our democracy.

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From standing for affordable health care and better schools to fighting for civil rights and access to the ballot box, Florida Democrats are leading every day to move our state forward.

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