Eliminate the filibuster to pass S.1

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The Senate is back in session and time is rapidly running out to pass S.1, the For the People Act. That’s why this week, we’re continue to follow the lead of indivisible.org and ask our Senators to eliminate the filibuster to end Republicans’ roadblock of S.1:

“Senate Republicans have used the filibuster to block S. 1, the For the People Act, from passage, despite the fact that Republicans are in the minority. This critical democracy reform is widely popular among both Democratic and Republican voters and would expand early voting, end partisan gerrymandering, reduce money in politics, and more. This all comes as Republican state legislatures across the country are passing hundreds of sweeping voter suppression laws that all but assure GOP electoral victories for years to come.

Historically, the filibuster has been used to uphold Jim Crow legislation and other racist voter suppression laws, so it’s no surprise to see it used again here to block the For the People Act.

We cannot continue to let Republicans hold our democracy hostage. We must eliminate the filibuster to save our democracy. Call your Senators and let them know you want them to eliminate the filibuster to pass the For the People Act and other progressive priorities. We don’t have time to waste.”

Senator Padilla has consistently recognized the importance of ending the filibuster to pass S.1. However, Sen. Feinstein has been very reluctant to do what it takes, and time is running out during her tepid response. So we need to let Sen. Padilla know he’s doing the right thing- and tell Sen. Feinstein she needs to start!

Check out our event calendar at https://indivisibleyolo.org/calendar/for virtual events and actions and the linktree for example scripts and more.

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The Senate is back in session- and running out of time to pass S.1! If we want to protect our democracy, we have to end the filibuster and pass the For the People Act.

Tell our Senators: End the filibuster to pass S.1

And ask your friends to contact their Senators too- you can find resources for friendbanking at https://linktr.ee/dothework2020 (including some sample scripts for texting a friend!).

Sample Call Script for Sen. Feinstein:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am calling today to ensure that the Senate does not abandon voting rights!

We must end the filibuster and pass S.1 – For the People Act. Letting the Republicans filibuster even debating the bill is unacceptable.

I’m calling to insist that Senator Feinstein do everything in her power to bring the For the People Act back to a vote immediately. We must pass this bill now, and we need her to recognize the importance of ending the filibuster. We cannot tie our hands behind our backs while the filibuster is used to block protections for our democracy. Thank you.

Sample Call Script for Sen. Padilla:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code].

I’m calling to thank Senator Padilla for his consistent support for S.1- the For the People Act.

I urge the Senator to use his influence to keep the bill strong, don’t let it be stripped of key, very popular provisions, and get it passed in the Senate immediately.

The Senate still needs to pass S1 to protect future Federal elections. This is no time to compromise Democracy! Thank you.

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