GIFs to fight for action against gun violence

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Into Action

Action Against Gun Violence

Gun violence is tied with COVID as the biggest public health crisis facing our country. Similarly, we have always lacked the initiatives and policies needed to stop it. We need more than thoughts and prayers; it is time for bold action. Use these GIFs in support of taking action against gun violence.

Moving GIF of a gun with a hand in front of it. There is also a heart in the background as well as the phrase "End Gun Violence" above
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Alternating color graphic stating "F your thoughts and prayers"
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Image of an American flag with the stripes unraveling into a phrase stating "we deserve a country free from gun violence"
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

Interested in Learning More?

The Into Action Lab is more than a content factory: we are a team of organizers and digital strategists working to bridge culture and progressive values.

Join us on Wednesday, July 21st at 1pm ET to learn more about how we work with partners to expand their reach and — earned 100 billion views for their progressive messages in just the past 18 months.

Celebrating Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates

Moving GIF of a fist holding a pencil with the phrase "Power to the Press" written
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Image of a black child reading a book titled "The Sum of Us". The phrase "Reading is an Act of Resistance" written above
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Appearing quote from Ta-Nehisi Coates. The GIF says "Racism is not merely a simplistic hatred. It's more often, broad sympathy toward some and broader skepticism towards others."
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Black Women Belong in All Spaces

The arbitrary actions taken by the IOC and USOC are punishing Black women. This is not the first time the Olympics has targeted Black athletes. Black women belong in the Olympics, in sports, and everywhere. Use these GIFs to show support for Black Olympic Athletes. 

GIF of a gymnast doing a back-hand spring with a quote from Simon Biles. The quote says "Today, do what others won't so tomorrow you can do what others can't"
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Moving image of circle with the phrases "support, respect, and protect black women" on top
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG
Image of a women with sunglasses. Phrase on the image states "When black women thrive we all thrive"
GIF for TW | MP4 for IG

Meet the Artist

Chiara Lannelli

Image of artist Chiara Lannelli

Chiara is a freelance artist based in Italy. Her work conveys messages such as LGBTQ+ rights, feminism, love and respect of nature and animals, all through her signature magical and witchy style. Find her on Instagram: @chiaralbart

Image of a pin with the statement "your mental health matters to me" on top
Image of a moving globe with the statement "what a privilege to live on this planet"

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