Urgent – Need You to Contact Rep. Case ASAP

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Congressman Ed Case Budget Hogwash
 Undermines Biden Agenda

Call His Office Today!
 Tell him to support Biden’s Infrastructure/American Family Plan and the Resource Plan to pay for it.
Tell him to 

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Aloha Hawaii Indivisibles

Help is urgently needed to steer Congressman Ed Case away from an unfortunate course of action he may be choosing—breaking with Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic caucus and rejecting the Biden Administration’s budget, tax, and economic plans. 

At a moment when the unity of Democrats is critical to our fight to preserve democracy, Rep. Case and four other House Democrats (Blue Dogs), enough to destroy the four-seat Democratic majority, have written a letter telling the Speaker that they are “deeply concerned with the fiscal state of our nation” and demanding passage of a budget resolution to stabilize the debt BEFORE supporting President Biden’s economic plan. Click here to see letter Rep. Case signed. 

Things are moving fast on the economic, budgetary and tax issues before the Congress with sausage-making going on behind the scenes, but it is important for Indivisibles to assert our views with Case on important principles.

  • the fight to save American democracy through Democratic Party unity, which in the House means adhering firmly to the the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and President Biden.
  • no posturing or solo numbers, only constructive effort behind the House majority leadership to deliver real benefits and progress to the American people, the best way to show the nation and the world that democracy works.
  • the deficit and bipartisanship are being effectively addressed by the Administration which has lowered the overall price tag on its program and proposed measures to raise government revenues by over $1.5T through increased corporate taxes and funding of IRS tax collection.

Please reach out to Rep Case 

  • call – Washington DC (202) 225-2726 or Honolulu (808) 650-6688.
  • send email via his website – https://case.house.gov/contact/
    He’s accepting emails from all Hawaii residents, despite what his website says

The following is a suggested text/script but express yourself personally on this critical matter.

  • We’re in a fight for out Democracy.
  • In 2020, 80 million voters (narrowly) threw out Trump and voted for a (narrow) Democratic united government.
  • We must deliver for the American people tangible benefits starting with shots in arms and checks in hands. 
  • Now we (we’re looking at you Rep Case), must stop grand-standing about phoney baloney Republican drivel and talking points on “deficits”.
  • We need to stay United to deliver to the American people on Healthcare, good paying jobs in a fair and green economy.
  • We need all our Reps (yes, you Rep Case) to stop showboating and support President Biden and Speaker Pelosi on the budget, America Infrastructure and American Family Plans. Support paying for these plans by ending the tax giveaways to millionaires and corporations. 

Thanks for your help.

Indivisible Hawaii


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