Independence Day – July 3 Parade! And other news. 💥

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News from the Coconino County Democratic Party

June 22, 2021

Celebrate Independence Day!

We are excited to announce that our honored guests for the Flagstaff July 3 Parade include Secretary of State (and Gubernatorial candidate) Katie Hobbs and State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai.  We are waiting on final confirmation from others whom you’ll want to meet as well. 

Staging for the parade begins at 7:30 am on July 3 with the parade stepping off at 9 am.  Plan to stop by our staging area before 9 to help put the finishing touches on our float and meet the candidates. We’ve not been assigned a staging location yet, so watch for a last-minute reminder email with that info. Our float theme is “Dems Deliver.”  

Thanks to Second Vice-Chair Allan Gerston and PC Donna Hanley for heading up the committee to organize this event. Thanks to First Vice-Chair Aubrey Sonderegger for the great artwork for our parade banner.

Be sure to wear your Democratic gear to the parade!

Rogers and Blackman Make the GOP Hall of Shame

Two of our LD6 legislators have made the list of worst legislators in the country as judged by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. There is a lot of competition in legislatures across the country so this is quite a feat. LD6 is a tough district consisting of only part of Coconino County as well as the most conservative part of Navajo county and parts of Gila and Yavapai counties.

Even with outstanding Democratic Candidates and unprecedented amounts of money spent, Trump voters propelled Wendy Rogers and Walt Blackman into the Arizona Legislature in 2020. Now, Blackman has announced a run for Congress against Tom O’Halleran. Future success in LD6 will depend on how lines are redrawn as part of the redistricting process and upon deflation of the Trump campaign against democracy and reason.

What We’re Up To Lately

It’s been a busy month for Coconino Democrats. Some of us have been reading and discussing The  Sum of Us, by Heather McGee, and some folks new to party politics joined these discussion groups — we hope they will stick around. Our Platform Committee is putting the final touches on our County Party Platform. This has been a six-month project with scores of people contributing research, writing, and thoughts. You’re going to love the final product, which we expect to publish next month. 

PCs and volunteers distributed 10,000 door hangers in Flagstaff, Page, Bellemont, and Williams touting the American Rescue Plan and President Biden’s upcoming economic plans. Our targets were folks who likely need to update their voter registration or register for the first time. The door hanger included instructions on how to register to vote and how to become involved with the party’s work.  We hope to do another effort like this in the fall when the American Jobs Plan has become law.  

Our Legislative Committee has been lobbying the Legislature and our Congressional delegation, sending alerts opposing the Flat Tax and urging support for voter protection laws and the Biden/Harris agenda. Our Coconino State Committee Members joined overwhelming majorities voting to urge Senators Sinema and Kelly to pass the For the People and John Lewis Voting Rights Acts and the ProAct by Labor Day – even if it takes eliminating the filibuster. The voting rights resolution was supported by 100% of Arizona State Committee Members. A slightly smaller but still overwhelming majority of 90% urged our Senators to end the filibuster once and for all.  This is happening because if Democrats don’t deliver, they will lose in 2022 and Mitch McConnell will be the one ending the filibuster as he returns to Majority Leader. ADP Resolutions, May 2021 State Committee Meeting

Meanwhile, our mailing crew has sent two sets of letters targeting registered voters with high potential to improve our margins of victory in Coconino County.  Every vote we deliver for Democrats statewide is one less needed in the redder parts of the state.

Our volunteers have become leaders in monitoring and influencing the Independent Redistricting Commission. 

We’ve hired an Indigenous Organizer and will return to tabling in Tuba City and Leupp in the next few weeks. We are excited and honored to have Senator Jamescita Peshlakai lead our organizing efforts as her work in the legislature permits.  We continue to coordinate closely with Navajo and Apache counties’ Democratic Parties. 

We’re planning an intern program to launch as students return to classes at Coconino Community College and NAU in just a matter of weeks!

All of this effort costs money even though most of the labor is provided by volunteers.  Our goal of having $1900 per month pledged monthly donations is falling short. So please, increase or start your monthly donation now.  $25 or $50 per month means a great deal for our budget and is super-powered by our volunteer energy.  Let’s leave no effort behind as we fight for democracy!

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Watch our website for news bulletins, Action Alerts as well as reports on the activities of our County Board of Supervisors and the Independent Redistricting Commission. You will also see our Twitter feed on the homepage or you can follow us on Twitter directly @CoconinoDemocrats. 


The next County Party Committee Meeting — Coconino County Democratic Action Meeting — is Saturday, July 10 from 10-Noon.

We anticipate this will be our last exclusively Zoom meeting though we will continue the Zoom option for those who are unable to travel to Flagstaff.  We’ll be meeting and broadcasting from The Murdoch Center starting in August. 

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