Bill Trackers are Back! Plus, News About News. And Memberships!

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Bill trackers and legislator scorecard are back!

That’s right – the world-famous ForwardKY Bill Trackers are back, just in time for the rest of this year’s General Assembly! You can learn about all the bills, watch them make their way through the process, and keep up to date every morning, as the trackers are updated every night. You can sort the bills, group the bills, and filter the bills by keywords. Overwhelmed by all the hundreds of bills? Then just look at the Key Legislation tracker.

We’ve also got the Visual Key Bill Tracker. It tracks the same bills as the key legislation tracker, but with an easy-to-understand visual of each bill’s progress. Plus, it uses red for bad bills, green for good bills, and has easy-to-understand bill names.

And finally, we’ve got our Legislator Scorecard! Every legislator is tracked against our key bills list, with points for votes and for sponsoring bills. There is a LOT of functionality here, and it’s all explained on the Visual tracker page.

Check them all out using the links below, or from the TRACK menu on the site.

Bill Trackers
The Visual
Bill Tracker
The Legislator

Ads – an experiment

Yes, we’ve put ads back on the site. And No, I’m not thrilled about it.

We had a company approach us about placing the ads, saying we could make good money doing it. And, more money means more content for you, so I decided to give it a shot.

I would MUCH rather have ads and sponsorships from non-profits, activist groups, and progressive candidates, but we haven’t been able to line up someone to sell them, and I just don’t have time. So for now, we’re going to give this a try.

And REMEMBER – if you are a member at the Supporting or Sustaining level, once you are logged in you will see either less ads or NO ads.

And if you are NOT a member, there’s a really good reason to become one


Your one-stop shop for political news

We have recently been given permission to share short summaries of political news from some other outlets in the state, with a link back to the full story. What this means for you is that not only is Forward Kentucky the progressive voice for Kentucky politics, we can ALSO be your one-stop-shop for keeping up with Kentucky political news from across the state.

So, use the READ menu on the site to scan the latest stories on the site. If it has a category of Briefs, then it is one of the summary stories. Otherwise, it’s (usually) a complete story on our site alone. Enjoy!

February is Membership Month

During the second month of every quarter, we do a membership drive to get more people to support the work and the value they get from Forward Kentucky. Our goal is to increase our paying membership by at least 10% in February, and YOU can help!

If you are already a paying member, see if you can get a friend or relative to join as well. (At the very least, get them to subscribe to emails!)

If you are NOT a paying member, NOW is the time to become one! You get a number of perks, not the least of which is unlimited access to all the content on the site (instead of hitting that blasted paywall!). And, as we eventually get out of COVID, we will be having some meetups and other events, and members get some discounts to those. And of course, there’s avoiding the ads!

You can check it all out on our membership page, including the costs (Cheap!) and the benefits (Massive!) Do it now, while you’re reading this, and help support the team that brings you all this great content and value. Become a member today!
YES, I want to support the ForwardKy team! Sign me up!

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