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  • Poll shows strong support for Beshear. Repub leges? Not so much. – A recent poll shows continued strong overall support for Beshear, as well as for COVID actions. The same poll, however, showed a low level of approval for the Republicans running the state legislature. (News)
  • American Fascism – It’s way past time to call Trumpism what it is: American fascism. (Commentary)
  • Top Ten Open Government Stories – A four-part series listing the most important open government stories of 2020, from police records to student journalists. Look for the “Top Ten” story titles in the list below.

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★  🔥 An honest assessment of the Kentucky Democratic Party from the youngest person in leadership

Commentary  ●  Ariana Velasquez  ●  January 9, 2021

Ariana Velasquez was elected to the KDP executive committee when she was 17 and in high school. Now, five years later, she shares some insights she has gained as to how to make KDP better.

KYGA21 Bills — January 8 (Day 6)

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 9, 2021

Here are the major bills that moved during Friday’s session. Note that no bills were finally approved in either chamber, but a number were posted for passage on Saturday.

1/8 update — Last 3 days highest in new cases; positivity rate stays high; that and legislation spark concern from Beshear

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 9, 2021

Friday’s update also included discussion of vaccinations of long-term-care staff, unemployment, and legislation in KYGA21 affecting the governor’s ability to deal with the pandemic.

TSOK: Let’s talk about “Beyond Breonna”

Media  ●  The State of Kentucky  ●  January 8, 2021

We talk with the journalists from the Courier-Journal who created the series “Beyond Breonna,” which looks at systemic racism in Louisville. This is a critical topic, not only for Louisville but for our state.

★  🔥 Cynical and seditious. Hal Rogers should lose his seat for his vote against democracy.

Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 8, 2021

Hal Rogers is one tiny piece of this terrible movement that ended with a mob in the U.S. Capitol for the first time since 1814. But if we don’t stop it now, it will happen again all too soon.

Liberty and lawlessness cannot co-exist

Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 8, 2021

It would be hypocritically inconsistent to promote policies which advance freedom and defend individual liberties without also condemning the threat to the rule of law posed by the mob which stormed the very heart of our republic.

Back to square one, America

Cartoon  ●  Aaron Smith  ●  January 8, 2021

Aaron Smith’s latest editorial cartoon speaks for itself.

KYGA21 Snippets — January 7 (Day 3)

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

The “KYGA21 Snippets” series are compilations of small news items, side notes, tweets, and other things from #KYGA21 that don’t need a full story on their own.

 🔥Yarmuth calls for removal of President Trump

Press Release  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky called on Vice-President Pence and the cabinet to remove President Trump from office immediately.

KYGA21 Bills – January 7 (Day 5)

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

Here are the major bills that moved during Thursday’s #KYGA21 session (January 7).

Reactions to Beshear’s “Better Kentucky Budget”

Press Release  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

Here are various reactions to Beshear’s budget address, including all legislative leaders, and other leaders across the state.

Governor Beshear’s statement on his budget

Press Release  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

Governor Beshear delivered his State of the Commonwealth and budget address tonight. Here is a statement about that address from his office.

MOKP – The 2021 session has begun and Louisville has a new police chief

Media  ●  My Old Kentucky Podcast  ●  January 7, 2021

This week Jazmin and Robert talk about the first two days of the shorter 2021 legislative session, the firing of two officers involved in the Breonna Taylor killing, and the new LMPD chief.

1/7 update — State has top 2 days of cases, positivity rate 11.9%; Beshear blames holiday gatherings, says ‘Wear your masks’

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 7, 2021

After reporting the highest number of new coronavirus cases Wednesday, Gov. Andy Beshear reported the second highest number of cases Thursday: 4,911, for a total of 10,653 in just two days.

Video of Governor Beshear State of the Commonwealth and Budget Address

Media  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 7, 2021

Here is the video of Governor Beshear’s virtual address on Thursday night, followed by remarks by legislative leaders.

🔥Noted KY philanthropist and activist calls on McConnell to remove Trump from office

News  ●  Bruce Maples  ●  January 7, 2021

Christy Brown, the well-known philanthropist and activist, has circulated a letter to Senator Mitch McConnell asking him to use his “extraordinary power and relationships to facilitate the immediate removal of Donald Trump from the office of President.”

October 28, 1922, – Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirts carry out their March on Rome, seizing total control over the Italian government. The March on Rome marked the beginning of Fascist rule over Italy, ending all social-liberal parliamentary regimes. (photo from History on This Day)

🔥 American Fascism

Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 7, 2021

It’s way past time to call Trumpism what it is: American fascism.

NAACP calls for immediate impeachment of Donald Trump

News  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 7, 2021

The NAACP calls for President Trump’s immediate impeachment so that he will never again be able to harm our beloved country, and more importantly, its people.

SPLC calls for impeachment, arrests, and “de-platforming”

Press Release  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 7, 2021

From the president of the SPLC Action Fund: ““To protect and ensure democracy, we must expose and root out the seeds of this violence. To address the dangerous situation at hand immediately, SPLC demands the following:”

Rural Blog: Fact-checking what’s been said about the Capitol riot

News  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 7, 2021

Rumors and misinformation are thick on the ground after yesterday’s events at the Capitol (which leadership at The Associated Press says may be called a riot or insurrection). Here’s some fact-checking.

🔥Raise a glass and propose a toast — to Georgia, and to McConnell’s new sobriquet

Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 6, 2021

Let’s all say this together, just to see how it sounds: Senate MINORITY Leader Mitch McConnell. Go ahead – Savor it. Sip it slowly, like fine Kentucky Bourbon.

Top 10 open govt stories — numbers #3, #2, and #1

Commentary  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 6, 2021

We conclude our series of the Top Ten open government stories of 2020 with the top three: public agencies, the effect of the pandemic, and student journalists.

1/5 update — Positivity rate keeps going up, but Beshear says schools can safely open to in-person learning if they follow guidelines

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 6, 2021

Also, Beshear shared updates on vaccine allotments, and Mark Carter gave an update on contract tracing work.

★🔥  Legislators file bills to limit Beshear’s powers, citing lack of consultation; one accuses him of falsifying data to scare people

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 6, 2021

On the first day of #KYGA21, legislators filed bills to limit the governor’s emergency powers, and some said Beshear was about to pay the price for not consulting with them about pandemic measures.

KYGA21 Snippets — January 5 (Day 1)

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 6, 2021

The “KYGA21 Snippets” series are compilations of small news items, side notes, tweets, and other things that don’t need a full story on their own. #KYGA21

Democrats are on track to win both Georgia runoffs and retake the Senate

News  ●  Daily Kos  ●  January 6, 2021

In an historic election with consequences that will reverberate for years, Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are poised to flip two Republican-held Senate seats in Georgia and hand control of the chamber to Democrats for the first time since 2014.

KYGA21 – Priority bills by chamber

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 6, 2021

In the Kentucky General Assembly, the majority party typically is given the first five bill slots to use for their top priorities for that session. Here are the top five bills as filed in each chamber.

🔥 Rally-goers (all 12 of them) leave signs outside Capitol threatening Gov. Beshear

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 5, 2021

A small anti-Beshear rally was held at the Kentucky capitol today, calling for Governor Beshear to be impeached. But at least one sign went further.

Reps. Willner and DuPlessis file a bill creating training and background checks for bouncers

Press Release  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 5, 2021

Exactly one year after a constituent of hers died following an altercation at Nowhere Bar in Louisville, state Rep. Lisa Willner filed legislation today that would require bouncers to meet minimum criteria before being hired.

Top 10 open govt stories — numbers #5 and #4

Commentary  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 5, 2021

We continue our series of the Top Ten open government stories of 2020 with numbers 5 and 4: law enforcement agencies and the General Assembly.

Lawmakers required to wear masks during Kentucky legislative session

News  ●  WFPL  ●  January 5, 2021

Republican leaders of the Kentucky General Assembly say they will require lawmakers to wear masks during this year’s legislative session amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Repubs coming after Beshear’s emergency powers; Beshear responds

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 5, 2021

Legislative leaders made their comments in an hour-long show on KET, which was followed by a separate hour-long interview with Governor Beshear.

1/4 update — Plans made to increase pace of vaccinations and who’s next in line to get it; meanwhile, cases and positive-test rates increase

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 5, 2021

Beshear and Dr. Stack said that people 60 and older, all essential workers, and those in the highest risk groups will be next in line to get the vaccine. Meanwhile, the latest pandemic numbers are high.

The KY120 Rundown — KYGA21 preview with Rep. Angie Hatton and Rep. Cherlynn Stevenson

Media  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 4, 2021

KY 120 United did a live Facebook interview with two Democratic state reps to talk about KYGA21. Watch the episode to be ready for the session, which kicks off on Tuesday!

Are our students being “brainwashed by leftists”? Or lied to by right-wing propagandists?

Commentary  ●  Marshall Ward  ●  January 4, 2021

Trump has set up a “commission” to “fix” our history education. There’s nothing wrong with a commission to discuss how we teach and present the past. But when Trump calls for “patriotic education,” that’s nothing more than propaganda.

Poll shows strong support for Beshear. Repub leges? Not so much.

News  ●  Forward Kentucky  ●  January 4, 2021

A recent poll shows continued strong overall support for Beshear, as well as for COVID actions. The same poll, however, showed a low level of approval for the Republicans running the state legislature.

An estimated 1,000 people from across Kentucky gathered on the Capitol steps to protest Gov. Andy Beshear's Healthy at Home initiatives that have resulted in massive unemployment and business closures. (photo by Robin Cornetet of KY Today)

The virus didn’t defeat America. MAGA freedom did.

Commentary  ●  Guest Author  ●  January 4, 2021

We have been the planet’s most egregious cautionary tale on what not to do, how not to navigate this crisis – on how patriotism can become nationalism and nationalism can become deadly to a nation.

Top Ten open govt stories — numbers #7 and #6

Commentary  ●  Amye Bensenhaver  ●  January 4, 2021

We continue our series of the Top Ten open government stories of 2020 with today’s installment of numbers 7 and 8: Gov. Beshear and AG Daniel Cameron.

All living former defense secretaries condemn GOP attempts to overturn election, involve military

News  ●  Daily Kos  ●  January 4, 2021

All of this nation’s living former secretaries of defense, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, are publicly opposing any military involvement in Republicans’ ongoing attempts to overthrow the results of November’s presidential elections.

KY lawmakers push for statewide ban on no-knock search warrants

News  ●  Kentucky News Connection  ●  January 4, 2021

After the killing of Breonna Taylor by Louisville police, some states have moved to ban no-knock search warrants, and Kentucky could soon do the same.

1/3 update — Highest Sunday yet for cases, positivity rate sets record – but holiday factors could skew numbers

News  ●  Kentucky Health News  ●  January 4, 2021

Kentucky’s pandemic numbers continued to worsen Sunday, as the seven-day average of new cases reached its highest level in two weeks and the positivity rate reached its highest level since testing became widely available in May.

When Trump leaves, will the GOP swear off Trumpism?

Commentary  ●  Berry Craig  ●  January 4, 2021

Think again, warns Bill Straub, a Kentucky Journalism Hall-of-Famer. “The Republican Party is the party of Donald Trump. It has transformed entirely from the Reagan profile to the Trump profile.”

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